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SmartLink Login Persistence Issues



  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Member ✭✭


    The VPN server on our Raspberry Pi3 can handle about 60 MBit/s traffic. I connected the VPN Server with my Lenovo Notebook with a built-in 4G modem and it works perfect. And at the remote site we have 100 MBit/s Up- and 100 MBit/s down-link with a fiber. I kept at the SoftEther VPN Server all configuration parameters as default except put the VPN Server in "bridge mode".

    On the Firewall at the remote site you must define the following ports: 500 UDP, 4500 UDP and 5555 TCP.

    73 Wolfgang

  • N5NHJ
    N5NHJ Member ✭✭

    @ Ted, WR4T

    Nope, a TLS certificate can be generated locally.

    Thanks Flex for the update I'll try it tonight.

    In meantime, I have OpenVPN installed native on a Mikrotik router. No extra software or hardware. It works but I need to tweak it, some dropped packets. Happy to help if someone wants to give it a try.

  • N5NHJ
    N5NHJ Member ✭✭

    New version installed, everything back to normal. I also fixed the OpenVPN (just in case...) which performs pretty well.

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Member ✭✭

    Hello All

    New version v3.2.37 remotely installed but not yet activated - you have to be physically at the remote site 😣

    I guess we have to find a way to avoid this by pressing the MIC and PTT remotely. Any ideas?

    We have locally access with AnyDesk, v3.2.37 is working locally. But this is only to see if it works and never to work this way!

    We will go up to our remote site (1'660m) tomorrow to get our Flex up-and-running again with "SmartLink" and to prepare the installation of our Raspberry Pi3 based SoftEther VPN Server.

    Bess 73 de HB9RYZ, Wolfgang

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin


    You only need to do the remote PTT function if you change the login credentials as the radio is already paired to your Auth0 login.

    If you need to change the UserID, you'll need to set some sort remote PTT and it is as simple as relay on the CW Keying line or the PTT line. In all my talks on remote operating, when you are a far distance from your radio we highly suggest this as an option.

    In the remote area of the community there is some posts using a RPI and a 4 Port Relay head and then NodeRed to control it.

    I have been running remote since 2005 and trust me, every single point of failure you have WILL surface. We have all been there. more than once. :)

    This is what it. looks like on my NodeRed web interface. And, you don't have to be a programmer to make this stuff work.

    The Remote PTT is an absolute must for SmartLink for radio internet security.

    @David Decoons, wo2x has written an article coming up in QST about NodeRed for remote operation.

    73 and have a nice weekend.

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Member ✭✭


    Thanks Mike.

    We already have some remote relays up there to switch ON/OFF a lot of devices. This is the only missing part :-)

    Here our current setup, which works perfect.

    The remote Dashb

    We will change a lot end of May. Add some WebSDR Servers for HF and 2m/70cm for the Ham Community, new OptiBeam, VPN-Server, etc.

    73 de HB9RYZ


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Nice setup!!

    Nothing in the CW Key?

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang Member ✭✭


    No, just SSB and FT8 - no more complexity :-)

    73' Wolfgang

  • SM3RAB
    SM3RAB Member ✭✭
    I see that after updating to SSDR v3.2.37 on my W10 computer I also need to update the 6400 at the remote location. Just to be sure, I can do this by pay it a visit and connect the PC to the same LAN as the 6400 (since I use SmartLink and not VPN)? And then, when available, update the Maestro at home? I guess it isn´t any idea to bring along the Maestro on this trip as long as the new SW for this isn´t released. Correct?