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Community roles, Criteria for promotion to the next role and privileges assigned to each role

I looked to see if this question had been asked or a document has been posted, but could not find a document.

Can someone explain each of the new roles, what the criteria is to be promoted to the next role and the new privileges of the new role?

I see that I have multiple year badges assigned to my profile. Those badges are not easily seen by other users. Can other users see your level or role.

I know that the default is Newbie.

Thank you and 73



  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited August 2020

    What you are asking about is actually a Community "Rank" and not a Role. All community members have the same Role in the community and that is one as a member of the community, as opposed to a community manager or community administrator.

    Ranks are levels members earn as they accumulate reputation points and meet certaining posting thresholds.

    There is a new post on the Message Board that discusses the different ranks a member can achieve. Please see the post What are Community Ranks? for more details.

    And by the way, due to popular demand, the "newbie" rank no longer exists. It has been replaced by "Seasoned Member".

    One other comment, which is really more of an FYI. In this post, you asked a question where you wanted to get an answer, but the post was designated as a discussion topic. Please see the Message Board post Using New Q&A (Question & Answer) Feature for how to create a Question and Answer (Q&A) post. I went ahead and converted your post to a Q&A.