Make a Linux compatible version of SmartSDR

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A version of SmartSDR compatible with Linux would be welcome.  It would avoid all the problems with Windows updates and would be much more stable.
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Posted 7 months ago

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With Linux having a whopping 2% share of the desktop market, I wouldn't hold my breath. Flex has said they have no intention of doing a Linux release. Your only hope is that a third party decides to write one.
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I'd strongly object against a Linux version as being one of the other 98% something?  Windows users. I'd like Flex to put all their resources, that ain't unlimited, in solving all other issues on the To do list. Having the multi client sometimes soon would be nice!
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Flex will not work on a linux platform. Remember that is open source. After Flex introduced PSDR another radio company used it for their own software so they didn't have to spend the money for software development for their product.

Making a liniux version for Flex is a slippery slop. This is covered in  another thread in the last couple weeks in case you missed it.

SSDR is running very well on Win7 here, I can not imagine it getting any better. But I only use this computer for Flex SSDR, nothing more.  I am writing this on my linux Mint machine witch is  my main computer I do everything on.
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When asking about  Flex radio, Smartsdr and Linux everyone should listen to an interview of Steve Conklin, AI4QR and Steve Hicks, N5AC. In his interview (starting at minute 17:30) Steve says he prefers Linux over Windows personally but goes on to explain the business decisions necessary for client development.  This is a great revealing interview.
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Having been a Linux user for over 20 years now, I'd like to point out Linux is not immune to "Upgrade Hell". Granted most distro vendors are very diligent, and take great pains to fix problems ASAP, but mistakes do happen.
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Yes I guess problems can happen any were, I have only been using Linux for about ten years,,the last 4 on Linux Mint,,I can't remember when I last had a really big problem. I use Mint for everything I do on the computer, I the only Windows machine I have is the Flex computer, only for that.
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Jim Jerzycke

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I have a dedicated PC for my Flex that's Win7, and my laptop I use for satellite stuff is Win7.
Everything else I use my OpenSUSE PC.
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Rather than start a totally new version, it may be a lot more practical to use a cross platform dev environment like Xamarin. By using .Net Core FRS can produce code that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. Or Unity. Game developers do this all the time and games are a lot more demanding.
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Could you just imagine the customer support Flex would need for all the OS platforms?

But I wonder what it would take to make SSDR run under Wine. I run many Windows programs in Linux.
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I've been Flex-ing now for only 24 hours and already am anxious to try to get SSDR to run under Wine. Most of my excess stuff has Linux on it to milk another few years out of the machine.  Buying a Flex doesn't diminish my overall cheapness.
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Even though SSDR is windows based there are parts of SSDR that wine will not work with. To bad. It would take a 3rd party to implement this and I still do not see anyone stepping up to do this. And, why would they?
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I tried SmartSDR on Wine for OSX just now and there were a few errors, but it seems like it may work. I'd be curious to know what winetricks were needed to get it to work if you happen to get it working. 
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Like with iOS and Mac, I believe that Flex will NOT be writing a Linux Client but rather they will leave it to a Third Party Developer

The API is there ..

The issue then becomes the economic incentive for a developer to write a Linux Client..

I am also guessing like with Android, there in not sufficient economic incentive for any 3rd party to write the Linux or Android  clients.

So this request is moot until some Independent 3rd Party Developer steps up to the plate

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I agree with the sentiment that Flex shouldn't spend precious resources on multiple platform support.

Given that view, I've developed a Mac version of FlexLib. It's written in Swift which is now open-sourced and has a Linux implementation. I don't have the time for or interest in LInux but if someone does they are more than welcome to try to make my library run in Linux. I don't think it would be difficult.

My library (xLib6000) is freely available at . While you are there take a look at xAPITester, a very useful tool for understanding the Flex 6000 API, like xLib6000 it is a native Mac application.

73's Doug