How about finally fixing the Maestro to work as advertised.

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The Maestro has been release and sold for over two years.  How about finally delivering on the promise of it being used remotely.  Today I checked into a very large Florida resort that has the internet managed by Brighthouse.  I thought great they have internet connections in each individual unit so no sharing of bandwidth.  I brought the Maestro along.  What a waste.  The internet signon requires a web page to accept the terms and conditions.  The the Maestro does not support this capability.  So as I have done before I called the facility internet support only to be told that it is the policy of Brighthouse to not add individual Mac addresses to their network.  They can only support web page sign-in at all their locations.

So to summarize the issues I have personally experienced in order to effectively use our Maestros remotely away from our LAN without the need to bring along other gear to handle all contingencies.

1) Provide VPN logon support.
2) Provide web page sign-in support
3) Fix the jumbo packet waterfall display issue.

Until these get fixed IMHO the Maestro is really a poorly implemented half backed product that represents a failure in operation compared to its marketing hype.  Having been released for over two years the longer these issues that any other tablet can easily handle get fixed it will continue to show that Flex does not quickly fix issues with their equipment in a timely manner post retail payment.  It is unknown if this is because Flex does not care about the users issues, does not have the technical expertise to fix them, does not have the resources to fix them in a timely manner or simply did not do enough prework to identify the issues before releasing the product.

And this does not take into account some of the other Maestro miss steps such as the none internally chargeable battery on initial release.

None the less where do these specific issues stand on the priority list to be fixed?
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John, just FYI we've been working on #2&3 recently which I consider to be significant implementation issues that affect a large number of customers at least some of the time.  #2 we knew at launch was an issue, but set it aside in the interest of getting to market.  #3 was a surprise that was not revealed during our beta testing. #1 is, for me, an edge case that I don't feel compelled to address at this time.  I hope to be able to update the current implementation with #2 and #3 fixed soon.