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Questions About Buying and Using a Heil Pro Set 7 With a Flex 6600


As I age, I am finding it easier to just sit back in my operating chare and use a headset with boom mic. I currently own a Flex 6600 (plain) and have more or less decided on a Heil Pro Set 7. Before ordering, I'd appreciate some feedback on:

  1. How do others like this headset?
  2. What cables/adaptors should I buy? I expect to plug in both the RX and TX audio into the rear panel of the radio AND control TX/RX with a switch which I understand is mounted right on the headset.
  3. Does the push to talk button come standard with this headset or do I need to buy a separate item with cable?

Any other feedback or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks and 73 de K8DXX


  • K3SFK3SF Member ✭✭

    hi Bill

    i use heil headset with my 6600m...like you just feels right

    I have heil proset 5 and heil quietphone with #5 element

    i prefer the quietphone headset cause i can turn on the noise canceling feature

    and now i dont hear the dog barking or wife yelling at me ;-))

    puts me in my own little world of radio....

    the quite phone also comes with its own ptt swicth built in and no separate one needed

    both heil headset are plug and ply with the 6600m with no adapters


    with the connection in the back of the radio i use extension cables because i needed more cable to lean back in my chair

    with the flex your can tune your transmit audio with the EQ

    hope this info helps

    Paul K3SF

  • Bill RobertsBill Roberts Member ✭✭

    Thanks. Yes it did. I wound up buying the Proset 6 with HC 6 microphone. Gigaparts had them for $134.90. Heil advised that these were a direct plug and play with my Flex 6600.

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