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ON / OFF Power Button Time Delay

Geoff_W8GNM Member ✭✭

Some years ago, I requested that a 1 second, hold to turn off delay be added to the power button on the Flex 6600M. I found that it was very easy to accidentally brush against the power button and unintentionally power down the radio which then required several minutes to get the radio back up and running. I just purchased the new Maestro-C along with the new Flex 8600 radio and I have found the instantaneous shutdown response of the power button to be even more of a problem, especially in a portable user interface like the Maestro. It is so easy to accidentally bump the power button when moving the Maestro around which instantly shuts down the Maestro and takes me off the air for several minutes. I would like to again request that a 1 second, press and hold be added to the shutdown power button behavior. This should be a simple software change in then next firmware revision.

Thanks for your consideration. Geoff - W8GNM

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  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Geoff, good idea! I don't have the issue due to where I have my radio located, but a good friend had his 6400 on a shelf under the operating position, and he kept bumping it with his knee. This proposed change would help that situation enormously.

  • HB9BNV
    HB9BNV Member ✭✭
    The same problem here, and the same desire for some delay until the switch responds. Is there any chance at all that such requests will reach the ears of a responsible person..?
  • HB9BNV
    HB9BNV Member ✭✭
    ...forgot to specify: the power button problem is particularly annoying with the Maestro C!
  • Neil D Friedman N3DF
    Neil D Friedman N3DF Member ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe it’s just the way I position myself, but I have never accidentally turned off my 6600M (6.5 years) or my Maestro C (3 months) in daily use.

  • DL4RCE
    DL4RCE Member ✭✭✭

    I did, this is a good request.

  • W7NGA
    W7NGA Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 24

    I also suggested this change a while ago as it is far too easy to bump the power switch and watch the radio shutdown. I was summarily blasted for this request here on the forum, as I recall … the consensus was that I should simply keep away from the power button! And don't let the grandkids point and ask 'what's this Papa?'. My Flex 6600 is integrated into my research laboratory, and with measurements, cable movements, swapping out equipment … I invariably brush up against that darn button and shut the system down. A one-second delay makes perfect sense to this engineer .. but it wasn't well received by the masses here. Sigh. 😁

    It could also be a constraint due to the construction of the switch but there are workarounds.


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