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Settings for router to maintain connection for SSDR ?

Frequently, I am not able to connect to my 6600 via Smartlink using a WAN . IF I reboot my home router, that solves the problem . When I try again a day or two later, I am back to no connection unless I reboot my home router. While I can reboot my router remotely via the Spectrum app, it is not always convenient to have to do that, especially to my gamer son at home. Any networking folks have suggestions as to what is going on and any adjustments I can make? All LAN connections remain stable and my ability to connect to my home Alexa and Ring door bell from outside my LAN is always fine. I can also activate my REM ON feature and boot the Flex from outside my home network. The SSDR for IOS app and SSDR for Windows show that the radio is available and the Internet is present. It is just getting SSDR to connect that is the problem until I reboot the router.


  • Ha Gei
    Ha Gei Member ✭✭✭


    this seems very router specific.

    Are you sure your port forwarding supports UPNP porperly, so smartsdr can open the portforwarding channels itself ?, which seemed the problem in other cases..


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    To get to the bottom on this, we need to get some facts.

    • What is the IP address of the radio?
    • Is uPNP turned on in your router?
    • What is the IP address of the Router
    • What does the uPNP tables show in the router

    If you log into your router and find this information, we can work to actually fix the problem. It isn't that hard and you'll learn something new.

    The fact that remote devices work really don't provide any help as they all call out to an external server. The radio works differently.

    You can always open a support ticket. It is a free service and comes with the radio.


  • Andrew O'Brien
    Andrew O'Brien Member ✭✭✭

    Thanks Harry/Mike , I am currently away from my 6600 for a few weeks. I am not sure I can provide all the info you need but here is what info I know. I have not set up any port forwarding for this Flex , Smartlink has worked from day one without any ports forwarding adjustments , although I may not use Smartlink for months. Using the router's app today I can view advanced settings and it shows the UPnP slider in the OFF position. The SmartSDR for iOS app "available radios" screen shows


    and the external IP address XX.XX.XX:103 which I assume translates to

    SmartSDR for iOS says "internet connected = YES " . TCP Port 21000 UDP port 22000

    Using my ISP's app I can get a list of devices that are connected . Despite what SmartSDR for iOS says, nothing appearing to be a Flex shows up. When I remotely turn on the smartplug it shows a Linux device as connected .

    Andy K3UK

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