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FDX and satelite work on 6600

Hi all,
I've been a happy owner of a Flex 6600 for a few months now. I use it wit SmartSDR for MAC.
Slowly I've upgraded my shack, and got most of it to run of the Flex.
ANT 1 - EFHW 80-10m
XVTR A - 2m transverter
XVTR B - 70cm transverter -> 2.3-2.4Ghz Transverter
RX_A - QO-100 Downconverter

I use the Flex on HF for SSB and Digital modes, with no issues (apart from some RF coming back to the radio, but I'm working on that).
I also use the Flex on VHF, UHF, SHF.
The VHF transverter is a ukranian version that works great. I use it to monitor the 2m band (repeaters, simplex, etc...)
The UHF transverter is modified, by getting rid of the TCXO, and replacing it with a synthesizer, that is controlled by a GPSDO.
The UHF to 2.3-2.4Ghz transverter is a SG-Labs model, also driven by a GPSDO, that I use for terestrial work and QO-100.
The Downconverter is a DX Patrol model, also locked to the GPSDO.
The Flex is also using the GPSDO signal.

Overall the setup is working great. I took a while to get it going, but now I'm happy with the solution.

So for anyone wondering, YES you can most definitely use a Flex radio (6600, 6700) for Full Duplex and satelite work with the corect transverters.

I also plan on doing some LEO satelite work, but I'm sure I will get it working, no problem.