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How to connect A/B Switches to 2 AG's (16 antennas to 2 radios configuration)

Frank ON9CC
Frank ON9CC Member
edited November 20 in Antenna Genius
Hi all,

I have 2 AG's (so 2x 8x2AG) and want to connect them to my Flex-6600 for being able to switch between 16 antennas. I have configured both the AG's as mentioned in the manual.
I also have 2 A/B-switches and 1 SSC-OM-Module ( the OM Module is [u]connected to the Master AG[/u] with the supplied serial cable).

The manual doesn't explain however how to connect both of the A/B switches in order to use the 16 antenna ports by the 2 radio ports.

- do I need to select '2xAG with OM control' in the AG configuration for what I'm trying to do? I assume yes, because if I do select this in the configuration and then select any of the Antenna ports (1-16), than the matching port number output on the SSC OM Module will also be selected. So if Radio 1 port uses AG port 1 and Radio 2 port uses AG port 10, then the SSC Output 1 and Output 10 LED (actually it's port 2 output 2 LED) on the SSC OM Module will be on.

But does this mean that I connect each of the 6 outputs of Port 2A to one of the A/B switch and each of the 6 Port 2B outputs to the other A/B switch (so run 6 wires in parallel to each of the A/B switches)?

Obviously I don't need to connect Port 1A and Port 1B to any of the A/B swithes since the A/B switch is N/C to Out A, so I only need to tell the A/B switches if they need to route the RF signal to the second AG.

I can see the logic here, but just want to check if I'm not shorting anything and damaging the SSC OM since I'd be running port SSC-OM outputs in parallel to the A/B switch.

Any tips / confirmation?
Thanks in advance!


NB: also posted the same question on the 4O3A forum but it seems to take a while for the moderator to review my question ...

Best Answer

  • KH6XX
    KH6XX Member ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I received this for 403a as I had the same question. If only using the two 8x2 AG's, there is no need for the OM.

    Hope this helps.



  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin


    Email 4O3A directly. They can talk you through it.


  • Frank ON9CC
    Frank ON9CC Member
    edited November 21
    > @KH6XX said:
    > I received this for 403a as I had the same question. If only using the two 8x2 AG's, there is no need for the OM.
    > Hope this helps.
    > Randy

    Hi Randy !

    Thanks, this is what I was looking for ! ... and kinda overlooked in the manual TBH :/ ... also I had both units lying on my workbench and was only looking at the bottom side of them, so I didn't even see that A/B switch connector on top ... guess I had been running low on caffeine ... anyway, it could have been mentioned clearer in the manual at the back, where they explained the master-5lave configuration and adding the picture you attached would have been perfect.

    Thanks again!


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