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Tuner Genius mode question

Can I put my Tuner Genius in a mode where the tuner setting does NOT require a PTT signal to engage it??

I have many radios and would like to keep my TG in line without a PTT signal or having to put it in STBY mode.

If this mode doesn't exist I wish 4O3A group would add one.

Regards, Dennis, k0eoo


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    If I understand correctly, you're inquiring about using an ATU with RF sense for transmitting? 

    While this approach can work reasonably well for modes with a continuous carrier, such as Digital Modes and CW, it can be quite challenging for SSB. In SSB, the RF power output intermittently drops to zero, leading to the ATU, like the TGXL, frequently toggling in and out of TX mode. This constant switching can place significant strain on the equipment.

    Creating a simple TX switch as a DIY project wouldn't be overly complex and would ensure your equipment operates optimally. 

    If all your other radios are connected via a LAN (Local Area Network), it would indeed simplify the management and implementation of such a setup.

    I hope this clarifies the reasons behind our recommendation. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.

  • k0eoo
    k0eoo Member ✭✭

    Hello Mike, thanks for your comments. I would be running AM with my BoatAnchors so no connection to Ethernet or USB or PTT. Steady signal so you say I could run RF sensing with the TG, good.

    But why can't I put the TG tuner in its tuned state all time like one of the older tuners?? why does it have to switch from TX to RX? That makes NO sense to me, what am I missing?

    Regards, Dennis, k0eoo

  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭

    PTT circuit from your Boat anchor MIC PTT circuit Like a foot switch as long as the radio's PTT uses a lower voltage like 25V DC or less open circuit and shorts to GND when you key the radio it will provide the PTT required for the Tuner, If the voltages are to high then a relay circuit will work to buffer the high voltage for dry contacts for the Newer equipment.

    The reason the Tuner is the way it is is so it can be used for MANY MANY different Radios and Antennas scenarios and A LOT of people don't use the Tuner in Receive or the RX Antenna is a different Antenna than the TX Antenna.

  • w2hx
    w2hx Member
    edited November 2023
    I thought I would comment on this issue. I have a military antenna coupler (Rohde & Schwarz FK859) that has a feature of interest to this topic. There is a switch on the control head for this coupler that allows the user to place the coupler in either NARROWBAND or WIDEBAND mode. In NARROWBAND mode, the coupler stays engaged at all times. This means that in receive the coupler will reject RF outside of the tuning solution. However when the switch is set to WIDEBAND, the coupler switches between engaged and bypassed. It uses the presence of RF to make the switch. It is engaged during TX and bypassed during RX. Again, it uses the presence of RF to make this switch (very fast, of course). I'll point out that this coupler is a full legal limit CCS, and in ICAS could easily handle 3kW or more. I see no reason why the TG couldn't work in the same way. I would add that the response about this was related to relay chatter during SSB. So combat this, the R&S coupler I mentioned has a short delay built in. Even something like 0.25-0.5 seconds would probably be enough to prevent excessive relay wear.

    I am actually kinda surprised to hear that I would need to run a PTT signal to make a TG work with older analog radios. I dont know how this would work with more than 8 radios in the shack which I am hoping to use a coax switch to connect any of these radios to the TG and onto an antenna (perhaps then using a antenna genius).

    If the TG can at least be set to be in-line at all times, I could make that work. But trying to route PTT signals from 8 radios to the TG does not seem feasible. Please, if someone can clarify for me whether PTT is 100% required for analog radios, or if something else can be done.

    I think the suggestion to the TG developers is, 1) make a configuration option to keep the TG engaged all the time 2) make a configuration option to use RF sensing for RX/TX switching and also, if necessary, provide an input field for "delay" that the user could adjust. Perhaps the powers that be might decide there should be a minimum delay that the user cannot go lower than, if they are concerned with relay reliability. My 2c (now worth 1c due to inflation).

    Thanks for the bandwidth
    73 Eugene W2HX
  • WX7Y
    WX7Y Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 2023

    The TGXL can work with the Tuner being out of line when in RX all the time or not.

    Running 8 PTT lines would depend on rather your going to run all 8 radios in TX at the same time, BUT a simple Diode Matrix would work fine to add say 4 radios PTT to Tuner port A and another Diode Matrix running to the B side of the Tuner for the other 4 radios.

    If you run a Antenna Genius on the input you may possibly program the Output Relays to operate the PTT possibly, you may have to contact 4O3A to see how exactly to do this.

    You could also use Node-Red with a FLOW that would give you about all the automation you could want.

    ANYWAY many different ways to do what you want I am sure if your imagination can think it up.

  • w2hx
    w2hx Member
    WX7Y, thank you for the ideas. I suppose there are hacks and other inelegant approaches to make it work. But it sure would be a simple software change on their part to accommodate this feature. That would be the elegant approach. 73

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