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SmartSDR version Clean up - upcoming versions to be removed from the Maestro and M-Model "Select a V

Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
edited August 2023 in Message Board

Whenever a new version of SmartSDR is released, we strongly encourage upgrading the radio firmware to the latest version of SmartSDR for the most optimal operating experience.When a new version of SmartSDR is released, one of the things FlexRadio does as part of the software maintenance/upgrade process is to remove a few previous versions of SmartSDR. 

This is done primarily to remove older versions of SmartSDR that may contain software defects that can adversely affect the operation of the radio resulting in an unsatisfactory user experience. The newer versions of SmartSDR resolve or mitigate those defects. 

Also removing older versions minimizes the clutter of numerous versions shown on the "Select a Version" screen which eliminates the possibility of inadvertently downgrading the radio firmware and exposing it to previously fixed software defects.Generally, retain the latest two "patch" versions and at least one previous minor version (if applicable) for the software that is currently being maintained.

The following SmartSDR versions are slated to be removed.



We recognize that people that use a Maestro to access a remote station may find themselves in a situation where a version of software removed from the "Select a Version" screen is no longer available after the version cleanup activities preventing the operator from using their Maestro to access their remote station. 

Ideally, there would be an accessible PC at the remote location that can be used to upgrade the radio firmware to the latest version of SmartSDR to prevent this situation from happening. If that is not the case, then the radio at the remote location will need to be upgraded to the latest version of SmartSDR by alternate means.

Normally we would make this announcement several weeks ahead of the date when the old versions of SmartSDR will be removed to provide time to make arrangements to upgrade the radio firmware. 

However, there is an issue that is affecting some M-model radios that prevent them from loading newer versions of SamrtSDR. 

This bug is fixed in SmartSDR v3.8.5. But in order to load it on their radios, we need to accelerate the clean-up process. 

We realize this will result in some inconvenience for some remote operators, but the short notice before performing the clean-up would be a one-time event. 

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