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3.4.24 Update Failure

Robert I have had the exact same experience here with a Flex 6600M, I too reverted back to 3.4.23 and it mostly works. I am using SmartSDR for MAC and normally use Smart Control Mode while operating

It appears that when we tried to update to 3.4.24 it caused this “Windows issue described below” and consequently we can now not update the tablet within the M models leaving us stuck here or sending the radio back in for an repair. I had hoped that there would be an update that would cure this issue but I assume that is not possible. I am not sure how this got distributed without being caught as some level at Flex, based on the amount of traffic I have seen these issues are wide spread amongst “M” models.

Ironically I can update the radio to the v3.4.24 however when I do that I basically loose the “M” portion . The SmartSDR for MAC has and option to update the radio firmware and it does that but of course when I do that I loose my screen.

When I saw the update this morning it was my hope that it would fix my issues, when I went to Flex Site I found the below, make sure you read the last part.

Release Highlights for SmartSDR v3.5.8

Improvements to Mic Profiles: Mic Profile settings are now stored per station (client) and per mode group. This means, for example, that setting a Mic Profile on SmartSDR for Windows will not affect the Mic profile selection for the same mode on Maestro. This also corrects numerous issues related to Mic Profiles unexpectedly changing in multiFLEX workflows. [SMART-9254]

Improved Disk Management for M-Model and Maestros: Added file system management logic for M-Models and Maestro to mitigate excessive disk consumption due to Windows OS functions. This change prevents problems loading new software and repetitively showing the EULA message. [SMART-9583]

Updated TURF: Modified the Spain+ (EU17) region band plan per changes in recent Protección Civil en España - REMER publications. [SMART-9509]. Modified Austria (EU16) region for 160 and 6m per official region band definition. [SMART-9616]

New Maestro and M-Model Features: Added numeric display of RF Gain value in Maestro and M-Models [SMART-9392]. M model and Maestro now indicate when switching between the High/Low and Width/Center modes of the filter knob. [SMART-9149]

IMPORTANT: Critical Update for M-Model and Maestro Users

A recently discovered Windows operating system (OS) function is responsible for consuming excessive amounts of disk space on the displays of M-model radios and Maestros. In some cases, it prevents the installation of SmartSDR software versions or results in the persistent display of the EULA message when booting a radio. SmartSDR v3.5.8 adds file system management logic for M models and Maestro to mitigate excessive disk consumption. Downgrading the firmware to a version before SmartSDR v3.5.8 will result in Windows consuming all of the available disk space in the display on M-Model radios and Maestros.

I have not opened a ticket at this point, again waiting to see what Flex was going to do, the only response I have seen is to send the radio in to have OS reinstalled on the tablet.

NJ5N - Chris


  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    I had to send my 6600M in recently to have the front panel reimaged. It was corrupted in such a way as it would not update the front panel when trying to do an update. Reimaging was the only option. I upgraded to v3.5.8 today. And it solved another problem I had with my 6600M of the radio shutting down in such a way that the Persistence Database wasn't always saved. And my radio may or may not come up with the correct band and settings from the previous session when restarted. Now, that problem has been fixed. I am much happier.



  • Pete La
    Pete La Member ✭✭

    I had to send my 6400M in for reimaging in June due to the Maestro EULA problem. They reimaged it, cleaned it up, loaded 3.4.24 on it, replaced the SD card, added some ECOs, recalibrated it, and tested it. I got it back about a week ago and it updated to 3.5.8 with no issues. Cost me $400 for repiars. There are still some nusance issues that have not been fixed (no power out in split sometimes unless I use a work around, the F1 button is selected for CW but it will not toggle it off and on like it used to). I'm still testing it to see if the VOX dropout, audio snapping and popping, and CW dropout still happens. I sent an email to CEO Matt Youngblood informing him that I was very disappointed with FRS and the Maestro EULA issue. I feel FRS should take some responsibility for the problem, but his response was basically just a "sorry to hear your upset". I sure hope FRS is not screwing the Air Force and the taxpayers the way they are screwing us hams.

    Pete K1OYQ

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    We understand that some of you might be facing difficulties installing version 3.5.8 on your M model. Please know that if you're in this situation, you can continue using the current SmartSDR version you have installed. Our engineering team at FlexRadio is actively addressing the issue causing this impact. Rest assured, we're diligently working on a solution and will keep you informed about when you can proceed with the upgrade to 3.5.8.

    In the meantime, you can operate your radio safely on your current installed version. If you've already updated to 3.5.8 but are now encountering issues updating the front panel, you can use 3.5.8 from your PC and update the front panel at a later point. We'll provide guidance on when it will be appropriate to proceed with the front panel update.

    We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards resolving this matter.

  • rdwing
    rdwing Member ✭✭
    edited August 11

    Does this mean that we can avoid a $400 round trip for a front panel re-image? I get the feeling that flex should not expect users to cough up out of warranty repair fees for this issue.

  • bryburns
    bryburns Member

    I too am having this issue with updating the software in my 6400M which is currently running 3.4.23. I cannot even load 3.4.24. I cannot download any of the newer versions (3.5.x) to the radio. I immediately get the "try again" message when trying to get the software using the front panel of the 6400M. At one point, I did install a later version using SDR; however, the front panel did not work as indicated in the thread above. My only option was to go back to 3.4.23 which did involve downloading that version from the Flex Server, again. So, I do know that the network connection is working. Several of the bug fixes listed in 3.5.x versions would appear to resolve issues that I am currently experiencing which is why I tried to upgrade to the latest version.

    Please include me on the list of folks to update via email when resolution of this issue is found. My radio serial # is 5217-7823-6401-2765 which I purchased directly from Flex Radio Systems.


  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    Bryan, follow Mike's ( VA3MW) instructions to fix your problem.

    Perform the following procedure if you are experiencing issues while attempting to update software on the Maestro or M-model radios. If you have already successfully installed v3.5.8 or v2.10.0, this procedure is not necessary.

    1. From the Maestro or M-model front panel, select the radio then select Connect. 
    2. From the Select a Version screen, select v2.2.2.2 from the list then select Update. 
    3. Wait 60 seconds for the cleanup process to run. It is normal to see erratic screen activity during this process. 
    4. After 60 seconds, power off the M-model or Maestro. It is safe to power off the unit regardless of what the screen is displaying. 
    5. Power on the M-model or Maestro. 
    6. Select the radio and update to the latest V2 or V3 software. 

    This should solve your issue.

  • bryburns
    bryburns Member

    Thanks. That worked. That instruction should be widely disseminated.
  • Trucker
    Trucker Member ✭✭✭

    Glad it worked for you. I agree, it should have been posted as a Sticky at the top of the Community to make it easier to find.



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