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Issues with FlexRadio System Servers - Seeking Advice

stellagomezz Member
edited June 2023 in Networking
Hello everyone,

I am currently experiencing some challenges with the system servers of my FlexRadio and would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions from the community. Let me provide you with the scenario and the specific issues I am facing:

Scenario: I have a FlexRadio [https://www.flexradio.com/products/flex-6700-signature-series-sdr-transceiver/] system with multiple servers set up to handle various functions such as signal processing, data management, and network communications. These servers work together to ensure smooth operation and efficient communication within the system.


Server Communication Failure: Lately, I have been encountering intermittent communication failures between the system servers. This results in disrupted data flow and loss of synchronization. As a result, the overall performance of the system is severely affected.

Server Overload: The system servers seem to be struggling to handle the increasing workload. As the number of connected devices and users has grown, the servers are experiencing high CPU and memory utilization. This leads to sluggish performance, latency issues, and occasional system crashes.

Software Compatibility: I have recently updated the software on some of the servers, and now I am experiencing compatibility issues. Certain features or functionalities are not working as expected, causing confusion and inconvenience during system operations.

I have attempted some basic troubleshooting steps, such as rebooting the servers and checking network connections, but the issues persist. I believe there might be deeper underlying causes or solutions that I am not aware of.

If anyone has experience with FlexRadio systems or similar situations involving system servers [https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/servers-storage/servers/], I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions you can provide. Specifically, I would like to know:

How can I troubleshoot and resolve the communication failures between the system servers?
What steps can I take to alleviate the server overload and improve system performance?
Are there any known compatibility issues with certain software versions or configurations? How can I address these compatibility problems?
Your insights and experiences will be invaluable in helping me overcome these challenges and ensure the smooth operation of my FlexRadio system.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    There really isn't much here to go on, but the first thing I would do, and this is something I just did, would be to install a managed switch for the first switch connected to the radio.

    This will provide some details on the health of the switch ports connected to the radio. Most managed switches have a performance long or panel.

    If the communications paths are complicated to your radio applications, you did mention you reviewed the network connections. Still, we would be curious to know what steps were involved and what data did you find when you reviewed these connections.

    Can you share the communication path topology?

    Are these IQ streams?

    Other specifics?

  • rdwing
    rdwing Member ✭✭

    This posters comment history is leaving me very confused. I'm not convinced that the poster actually has a FRS, or has had any hands on time at all.

    More details will be required before the community can provide any useful information.

  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭✭

    @rdwing Me too. I thought it was just me.

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