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FlexRadio Dayton 2023 Awards

Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

Dayton 2023 Awards


Al Groff, K0VM, nominated by Nicholas, has been recognized for his remarkable consistency, thoroughness, and reliability. Al consistently offers clear steps for reproducing reported issues and diligently follows through with testing and reporting upon resolution. His unwavering commitment has significantly contributed to the stability of our products.


Yuri Pavlov, @UT4LW , has been nominated for his exceptional development and integration of SDC Skimmer with FlexRadio hardware. SDC Skimmer is widely used in contesting and DXpeditions to decode multiple CW and RTTY signals, utilizing the advanced FlexRadio IQ Streams technology.


David Fisher, NX6D, has been acknowledged for his outstanding work on the Genius line products. His tireless efforts have brought remarkable advancements to our product line, ensuring enhanced functionality and performance for amateur radio enthusiasts worldwide.


@Mike-VA3MW , has consistently delivered remarkable FlexRadio presentations to clubs worldwide, providing valuable insights and fostering knowledge sharing. Additionally, his contributions to the FlexRadio community have empowered countless individuals to integrate seamlessly into the modern HamShack.

@David Decoons, wo2x who received this esteemed award last year as well, continues to make invaluable contributions to our online community. His expertise and unwavering dedication have greatly enhanced the operating experiences of FlexRadio users, offering guidance and support when needed.


Remote Ham Radio (RHR), represented by Ray Higgins and Lee Imber, will be recognized for their remarkable contributions to Amateur Radio Remote Operation. RHR has provided a network of stations, fostering the introduction of amateur radio youth to HF, thereby inspiring and nurturing the next generation of radio enthusiasts.