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Used 6500 burning smell

Scott - WM7C
Scott - WM7C Member ✭✭

I bought a used 6500 a couple months ago and other than the speaker jack making static when in use, it has been working okay. The ATU seems to struggle a bit, but rarely use it. I noticed yesterday when using a band I have not used yet, 30 meters, that there is now a electronic burning smell. The radio still seems to work fine. The voltage is at 13.6 and PA from 36-41 C. I bought a new Powerwerx SS-30DV when I bought the radio and it's voltage is 14.1 at the terminals. I guess I can open a ticket, and am tempted to either trade it in or at least have it looked at. I'm running the current version of SmartSDR v3.4.23. Also, I am mostly using FT8 at about 50-60 watts on resonant antennas. I've been searching around and mostly see voltage discussions. I do have a 20 AH Bioenno I can try to see if there is any difference. I hate to pass this off to someone else later if there are issues and I would like to at least make back the majority of what I paid for it if I were to sell it.

I cannot locate specifically were the smell is coming from, so I will try leaving the radio off tomorrow to at least narrow it down to the radio. I can also move it to another room to see if I can still smell it there.


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Converting this to a support ticket.

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