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3.4.21 RIT/XIT

I'd like to propose we have one frequency control for both RIT and XIT, and here's why.

I'm trying to work W1AW/1 on 15 CW. I see he's working stations a few tens of Hz off of his. I'm using RIT and the frequency for RIT to zero-beat the station he's working so I'm ready to call when they've finished their QSO.

Trouble is, when I'm ready to go the frequency shift I want is in the RIT box, not the XIT box. I would like a way to transfer the RIT frequency offset to XIT or, better yet, have just one frequency box since I'm not sure when they'd be different.

I come from a long line of Yaesu radios which have RIT and XIT buttons and a single knob to control the offset.

What do you think?


-Brian n8wrl


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Another way to do this is to operate split and use the 2nd slice to fine tune your TX frequency with the 2nd VFO.

    Another way is with a FlexControl knob you could assign buttons to XIT and RIT allow for a rapid change.

  • n8wrl
    n8wrl Member ✭✭

    Thanks Mike. You gave me an idea to integrate this into my custom FlexControl code. Split would be an option too. Thanks.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have customers who want the separate RIT and XIT frequencies?


    -Brian n8wrl

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    You are the first I have heard ask. Anyone?

  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells Community Manager admin

    I use either XIT or RIT, depending upon the situation.

    1) When DXing, I leave my FlexControl AUX3 button set up to do XIT when on CW or RTTY. It makes it quick to go split without using a 2nd slice.

    2) on SSB, I set it to become the SPLIT button to set up a 2nd slice at 5K UP.

    3) When "Running" a frequency, or operating a net or round table, I have it set for RIT so that I can tune off and hear someone who is off of my frequency.

    Having XIT and RIT available separately is very helpful for my operating style.

  • n8wrl
    n8wrl Member ✭✭

    That makes sense, Ken, thank you.

    Maybe a "copy RIT to XIT" would do the trick? I don't want to let previous radio experience color my needs in SmartSDR, yet 30 years of using Yaesu's "RX clarifier" to zero-beat a station then a quick press of "TX clarifier" to transmit in exactly the same place is a hard habit to break!

    73 de n8wrl

  • bahillen
    bahillen Member ✭✭✭

    I use the XIT when working a DXpedition in addition to the Split at the same time.

    The reason may surprise you, but I it is to prevent me from accidentally transmitting on the DX frequency. I set XIT up about 2 kc . It prevents me from being the LID that transmits on top the DX with out knowing it. And having others transmit UP UP UP 15 times.

    I also use XIT to operate split while using the other slices for monitoring other bands or modes. Combined with the Flex control I can use the waterfall to find a hole and QSY there. (The XIT has a faint red line on the waterfall when slice is TX button clicked.) Thus split with only using one slice Receiver.


    Bill W9JJB

  • Stan VA7NF
    Stan VA7NF Member ✭✭✭

    In CW contesting (run mode) I always lock the transmit frequency (to hold the frequency) and use RIT to move to hear stations off my Xmit frequency. Especially useful when using a 50-100Hz filter where I only SEE those stations in the panadapter.

    It is amazing that when I started in radio used a 7025 crystal and listened for replies +/- 25Khz. Now comment on "off-channel" by 200Hz because I cannot hear them. That's technology vs human nature.

  • n8wrl
    n8wrl Member ✭✭

    Good stuff, Bill! I wonder, do you use RIT to listen to the station he's working?

    Stan, your use closely matches mine as well for running a frequency.

    When I'm "the pouncer" or chasing DX, I frequently use RIT to zero in on the station he's working (if he's simplex and off by only a few 100Hz - otherwise I'm split). In Yaesu-land, the RIT (a.k.a Clarifier) lets me do just that. Then when I'm ready to make my call, I hit XIT and transmit at the same offset as RIT = the same frequency as his last QSO.

    I can't do the same thing on my Flex with SmartSDR because the RIT and XIT numbers are different boxes. Maybe an option for them to stay in sync or copy one to the other?


    -Brian n8wrl

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