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USB mic recommendation for MAC and PC

David Decoons, wo2x
David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator

Hi all,

I set up my MAC Mini M1 silicon with SmartSDR for MAC and wanted a USB mic to use when I locate it away from the radio or with my Dell XPS laptop.

I picked up a Blue Yeti X mic. This is an upgraded version of the Blue Yeti and it has four condenser capsules in it vs three on the original Blue Yeti. There is polar or Omni patters available.

Setup was easy. Installation of the software for MAC took a couple of reboots and following instructions on Ventura 13.1 OS, but straightforward.

Initial reports with no EQ’ing were good but a little too much low end and slightly lacking highs. The free software allows loading different profiles for the mic and customization of EQ and effects such as compression, limiting, and ambiance. With some quick adjustments, I have it sounding very good for a USB mic plugged into the MAC Mini.

The Blue Yeti X is worth considering if you are looking for a desk mic for remote operation where you want to set up a semi-permanent installation.

The next thing I am going to wire up is a USB to serial adapter wired for use as a PTT switch.

I can do a sched on the air if anyone wants to hear it.


Dave wo2x