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Remote laptop set up on Flex 6500

KD3TB Member, Unconfirmed
I am having difficulty in setting up my laptop for remote operation with SmartSDR. The laptop is on the same network and login and password are correct. Are there instructions on what I need to do to the main PC running SmartSDR and Laptop to log in?
Thanks, Irwin KD3TB


  • George KF2T
    George KF2T Member ✭✭✭

    You don’t need to have a “main” PC - either machine, as long as they’re on the same network as the Flex, is the main machine when you’re using it. Try running just one instance of SmartSDR and you should be fine. The PC is only a client to the 6000’s server.

    Good luck!

  • KD3TB
    KD3TB Member, Unconfirmed
    Thanks, I got it to work. The problem was they were on the same network and it appears that I could not run two versions of Smart SDR on the same network at the same time.
    Irwin KD3TB
  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Irwin, I am not sure that I understand... You mention remote operation and same network which are conflicting setups.

    Are you trying to connect SmartSDR to your 6500 where the computer and radio are on the same LAN segment? If so, there is no login or password. In this case, you should not be trying to use SmartLink.

    If you are trying to connect to your radio from somewhere else in the world using the Internet, then you need SmartLink which has a login and password.

    Let us know how you are trying to connect and what you have tried so far.

  • KD3TB
    KD3TB Member, Unconfirmed
    Yes. I had SmartSDR running at the same time I tried to run it on my Laptop. Both were on the same network. When I only ran SmartSDR on my Laptop, I was able to connect to my Flex6500.
    I then installed the FlexControl on the Laptop and determined that the latency with the Control is from my main Desktop computer.
    Thanks, Irwin KD3TB
  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin


    You actually can run multiple copies of SmartSDR on the same network at the same time. I do it all the time and at the office, we would not get any work done if you could not.

    While I am glad you got your problem sorted out, there is something else going on that is causing your issue that does require resolving.

    The 6500 is limited to 4 slices or 2 clients at the same time using MultiFlex. You could have 2 slices on 2 different computers on the same network without issue. What version of SmartSDR are you using?

  • KD3TB
    KD3TB Member, Unconfirmed
    Thanks. Today I was able to have my Laptop and PC both logged into my Flex 6500 at the same time and TX sending CW.

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