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TGXL 1X3 with Antenna Genius 2X8 integration

I’m Considering the Antenna Genius. Can anyone describe the added functionality when connected with a Tuner Genius 1X3? Everything I read so far seems to compliment the TGXL SO2R version. It seems no matter what, only 3 antennas can connect to the TGXL. Is this expanded with the AG? The 1x3 utility does not have an Antenna Genius TAB, does that change when the AG is detected? How is tuner memory enhanced or impacted? I have a 6400, but I’ll be using the system with the 6400 and an Apache 7000. Thanks! NJ2US


  • Mike VE3CKO
    Mike VE3CKO Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2023

    In my case I am using the 6700 with TGXL (SO2R version), PGXL and AG, but I'm sure the same applies the the 1x3 TGXL. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I aplogize if I'm over simplifying. You would first setup the Antenna Genius in the device configuration naming all the antennas and making sure the proper antennas are connected to the proper ports on the AG.

    Then for each antenna you can select which band you want to use it on, see below the bands I want my SteppIR to be active on. Note by selecting NONE, it would select that antenna to be available everywhere for example for listening out of ham bands.

    Once this is done you setup the TGXL. In the device setting Antenna Genius tab of the TGXL you set the ip address of the AG.

    Then select the OTHER tab hit the Band Configurator button. This pops up below where you can configure to your liking, actually setting the frequency range on each band for each antenna you want the tuner to enable bypass. Pretty cool.

    So in my case when I change to 40m, the Antenna Genius utility will only show antennas I've selected to be active on 40m, no other antennas will be shown thus no chance of operator error. In your case with the 6400 (single SCU), you will only have one Port to use let's say Port A.

    With any FlexRadio 6xxx radio it communicates everything via LAN. In the case where you want to use an Anan or any other radio you would need to connect whatever means to communicate to the TGXL what band the radio is on so the TGXL can tell the Antenna Genius what antenna to show.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited January 2023

    I have forwarded your question to 4O3A who are the designers of all Genius equipment. They will likely comments in the next few days.

  • jeffreydoran
    jeffreydoran Member ✭✭
    Thanks Mike and Mike.

    I do not have the Antenna Genius tab on my TGXL 1X3 Utility App.

    Is this tab only available on the SO2R version, or will the AG tab appear after I install the AG?

    By the way, I ordered the Antenna Genius from FlexRadio late last night via their web page, and this morning (Jan 19 2023), I received the order confirmation, shipping notice and the FedEx tracking number…it will be here in NJ on Sunday.

    Jeff NJ2US
  • markoesc
    markoesc Member
    Hi everyone,

    As I am one of the developers of TGXL, let me clarify.

    By design, TXGL 1x3 does not integrate with AG as there are both logical and technical limitations to that.

    TGXL 1x3 is designed to be an antenna switch itself so implementing AG on top of it would raise a bunch of different questions that would make it too complicated to configure such a device and by doing so we would deviate from our initial goal of producing simple, yet genius, devices.

    TGXL SO2R integrates with AG because there is a logical path to that - AG A connects to TGXL A, AG B connects to TGXL B and it all works seamlessly. If we would like to connect AG to TGXL 1x3 it would raise a bunch of configuration issues like mapping which of THREE ports on TGXL you connected on which of TWO ports on AG, how to visually display the bandmap of such configuration, etc., etc.

    For those and a few more reasons, at least for now, integration with AG is only possible with TGXL SO2R.

    Kind regards,

    Marko 4O9TTT

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