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Where is the Promised Remote Functionality - Tuner Genius XL v1.1.16. ?

4O3A has been promising the ability to operate TG remotely for a long time. I was hoping this functionality would finally be included in this release as it was in the recent PGXL release but as far as I can see (including the still empty "Remote" section in the .16 user guide; no mention in the release notes; nothing obvious in the updated app itself), it is not.

When is 4O3A going to provide remote operation capability in the TG app ?


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    It is in the current version, but it is not SmartLink aware.

    You will require to have a port forward / outside wan address to your remote station. I don't think 4O3A has written it up yet.

    Essentially, you set up the TGXL with an Auth Code when on a local LAN as part of your normal setup. Hopefully a more formal writeup is coming from 4O3A.

    On the User end, you will setup a Remote connection under the remote devices.

    • Device name - your choice
    • IP address - the IP address of your Router at the radio end
    • TCP Port that you will need to forward through your router to the IP address of the TGXL Hardware 9010 for the TGXL

    Start the TGXL software on the User end and click on the Remote devices to 'call' the TGXL at the radio end.

    BTW, here are the port number for other 403A products:

    • TGXL TCP Port = 9010
    • PGXL TCP Port = 9008
    • Antenna Genius TCP Port = 9007
    • Rotor Genius TCP Port = 9009
  • Russ Ravella
    Russ Ravella Member ✭✭

    Ok, I'll give that a try. Hopefully the long awaited (and hinted at) TGXL, PGXL and AG control functionality will be in the imminent v3.4 Win SSDR update as well.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    TGXL is targetted for the not-too-distant future. There are no plans for AG integration into SmartSDR at this time. Always subject to change.

    PGXL is already incorporated in SmartSDR.

  • Russ Ravella
    Russ Ravella Member ✭✭

    PGXL control functionality is not incorporated into SmartSDR. Very little of the functionality provided in the remote app is included. On/Standby and three meters and that's it.

  • Dave K5OZ
    Dave K5OZ Member ✭✭


    Why would you need more PGXL functionality in SmartSDR then what is already incorporated? Once you set it up once you’re good to go remotely.

    On the TGXL, the SmartSDR software needs to incorporate; 1) TGXL on/operate, 2) changing the internal controls on the SmartSDR Control Panel to operate the TGXL’s tune button and 3) disable the Flex-6xxx internal tuner (put it in bypass).

  • Russ Ravella
    Russ Ravella Member ✭✭

    Hi Dave,

    There are lots of things that can be controlled from the remote app that aren't included with Win SSDR's stripped down functionality. I like to turn MEFFA on and off to change the amplifier's mode of operation depending on what I'm doing. I change the fan profile depending on what I'm doing too and also who is around (just because I'M somewhere else operating remote, doesn't mean everyone else in my household is). I'm planning to add another radio to my setup that would control the amp via CAT so I'll need to switch control types when that happens (radio inputs switched before the amp in that case). At that point I will want to change which antenna is addressed from which port as well. And of course I'd like to be able to update firmware remotely as necessary. I don't know how many others do this but I use the usage chart sometimes which is only available from the utility. All of this has been hashed and rehashed out on the forums ad nauseam since the PGXL first came out. Of course Flex is absolutely aware of it.

    73 Russ

  • Dave K5OZ
    Dave K5OZ Member ✭✭

    Hello Russ,

    Your response has all good reasons for a remote only controlled Flex system. Thanks for the insight.