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Power Genius XL v3.7.28 Firmware and Utility are Now Available

Tim - W4TME
Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
edited January 2023 in Message Board

FlexRadio announces the immediate availability of the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.7.28 and Power Genius Utility. Power Genius XL v3.7.28 is a maintenance release intended for use with all Power Genius XL amplifiers, that includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. We highly recommend upgrading to the Power Genius XL Firmware v3.7.28 as soon as possible.

NOTE: The Power Genius XL firmware is now fully integrated into the Power Genius Utility, eliminating the need for a separate firmware download. Please review the Power Genius XL v3.7.28 Release Notes before installing the new Power Genius Utility and firmware to ensure an optimal software installation experience.

Do not use previous versions of the Power Genius Utility with the latest version of the Power Genius XL firmware. Always use the Power Genius Utility provided with the Power Genius XL firmware upgrade.

The Power Genius XL v3.7.28 Utility/Firmware can be downloaded from the FlexRadio website. 

The updated Power Genius XL User Guide for release v3.7.28 is also available for download from the FlexRadio website. 

The following are highlights for the Power Genius XL v3.7.28 Release:

TouchScreen Configuration: PGXL 3.7.28 introduces a front panel touchscreen configuration tool to support all makes and models of exciter transceivers. In addition to the PGXL Utility program, which runs on Windows™, the PGXL can now be configured using simple front panel touchscreen commands. No external computer is necessary to make the amplifier ready for use.

Remote Operation of the PGXL Utility Program: Starting with PGXL 3.7.28, the PGXL Utility program can be configured to control the amplifier from a remote location. It is no longer necessary for the PGXL Utility program to be in the Local Area Network with the amplifier.

Simplified CAT Interface: The CAT interface configuration tools have been simplified so that six choices of CAT language implementation cover all makes and models of exciter transceivers.

Complete Implementation of the CAT Interface: The CAT interface has been implemented for all makes and models of exciter transceivers, including full implementation for Icom™ transceivers. Both band and mode data are transferred from the exciter to the amplifier.

Band Data Source Selection, Manual and Automatic: Band data sources can be selected manually or automatically. In manual mode, the default, the operator selects the source for band data (FLEX, CAT, CI-V, BCD, PIN, RF SENSE, or MANUAL). In automatic mode, the amplifier chooses the input based on which is active.

The amplifier’s source of band data information is now directly controlled by the operator. When no band data source has been configured, the amplifier will operate as before, it will select any source that offers information. When a band data source has been configured, the amplifier will use that source exclusively until the source is changed by the operator. This can be done via the Windows Utility program or the front panel touchscreen. Select the band data source by right-clicking on the Band Information box in the front panel presented by the Utility program, or by touching the band information box on the front panel.

Significant Bug Fixes

• Amp misreads supply voltage and runs in 120 VAC mode

• Smoother selection of PSU On/Off and Voltage changes

• More accurate reporting of peak and average output power

• APC less likely to trip on short power spikes


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    We have been in discussion with 4O3A and they will be releasing a new version for the TGXL as well shortly. It should be used in conjunction with the new PGXL firmware once it becomes available.

    73 all