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DAX Channel Setting within Global Profile

Hi All,

I've been getting to know my 6600M over the last few days. It's been sitting on the bench for ages due to other commitments getting in the way.....

I've been playing with the Global Profile making a profile for SO2R SSB and SO2R CW, each profile containing a couple of band slices.

Part of the SDR setup is to allocate DAX Channel settings for each slice within each profile. I've allocated Channel 1 to Slice A and Channel 2 to Slice B. So far, so good.

I then save the profile. However, when the profile is reloaded the next time, the DAX Channel allocation returns to 'None' for some reason. See photo attached.

All of the other settings remain the same and DAX itself seems to be happy, so I'm a bit puzzled as to why the settings revert to 'None' for the DAX Channels.

Smart SDR Version is 3.2.39 and the radio firmware is

Any ideas?




  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Hi Phil

    That 'should' work as the DAX allocation is part of a Global setting (just for others if they are reading it).

    Enablement of the DAX channel is part of a Mic Profile.

    You could open a support ticket, but my guess is that you may have to do a radio reset to clear the profiles and then test again.

    I just tested it on 3.3.32 and it worked for me as it should.


  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells Community Manager admin

    If you have slices opened when you save a Global Profile, their RECEIVE DAX channel should be remembered in the Global Profile.

    I have several Global Profiles for WSJT-X -- each with 3 slices on different bands (80/40/30; 6/10/12; 20/17/15 etc. ) and have assigned proper DAX RX channels to each of the three slices: Slice_A = 1, Slice_B= 2, Slice_C = 3. And I run 3 instances of WSJT-X simultaneously on my 6600M or 6500.

    The DAX TX Status is remembered as part of your Mic Profile,

    (I recommend that you create/save a separate Mic Profile for Digital Modes with DAX TX enabled & TX Bandwidth from 50-3100 Hz and associate it with the DIGU mode so you don't need to remember to change settings on your radio to make WSJT-X transmit properly.)

  • Phil VK4KW
    Phil VK4KW Member ✭✭
    Thanks Gents.

    Looks like I should update to the latest 3.3.32 and try it again. I've been nervous to do so as some people have experienced some trouble..... I'll also have a look at the mic profile as I've not touched that at all yet.

    Tim (Flex Support) suggested that I open a ticket for it but I'll try the upgrade first rather than causing more work for Tim! I've just received a new TURF file for my 6600M so I'll get that installed first and take it from there.


  • Phil VK4KW
    Phil VK4KW Member ✭✭
    SDR 3.3.32 seems to have fixed it. I had no trouble updating to the latest revision. Thankfully!


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