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Flex Radio N1MM SO2R Logger+ Audio Setup...

Dwayne_AB6A Member ✭✭

There are a number of different examples of how to set up Logger+ and for SO2R, the correct configuration is SO2R: Two Soundcards Mono.

With Internal Radio Codec selected for both Left and Right radio, DAX is automatically enabled/disabled when using N1MM Voice Macros when either Slice 1 or 2 is selected.

If you choose SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono, Slice 2 DAX will not be automatically enabled when you use 2nd Slice voice macros.

Attached screenshot details the correct configuration:

There is a bug in N1MM (about to be fixed 03/22) where if you select SO2R: Two Soundcard Mono, then revert to SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono, the setting for SO2R: Two Soundcard Mono continue to be used giving the appearance that SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono works.


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited March 2022

    After an internal review of this, this is something that may only affect Windows 11 users. More testing will be required by other Windows 11 users. We have also been in discussion with the N1MM developers.

    However, if you are having an issue, you will want to consider what Dwayne posted as a work around. We have found that both versions work on Windows 10 Pro.

    When using Windows 10 (and earlier) we do know what selecting SO2R Single Sound Card Mono does work and this is what has been used for years and is outlined in this document:

    N1MM SO2R Setup

  • Dwayne_AB6A
    Dwayne_AB6A Member ✭✭
    edited March 2022

    It is not a Windows 11 issue.

    Today I installed a brand new copy of Windows 10, SmartSDR, and N1MM and identical behavior was observed there as well.

    As I have asked you to do Michael, change your configuration to SO2R: Two Soundcards Mono and confirm you do NOT have Radio 2 use Internal Radio Codec option set. If you do, that option is being used by the SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono configuration. Uncheck the Radio 2 Internal Radio Codec then change config back to SO2R: Single Soiundcard Mono and revalidate the 2nd DAX still switches in and out with voice macros.

    That N1MM bug is creating a bunch of confusion since I also followed the documentation and it did not work. My order of operation was:

    1. SO2R: Single -> Broken
    2. SO2R: Two -> Works!
    3. SO2R: Single -> Works!

    and the reason why 3. worked was because the config from 2. was being used for 3.

    You continue to state that N1MM and Flex has always used SO2R: Single but that is also incorrect and I have found numerous examples of SO2R: Two in Flex documentation such as: http://e4consult.com/NC6K/_CONTESTING/SO2R-Mode-with-N1MM-for-the-FLEX-6700-How-to-Guide.pdf

    I argue that SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono has never worked, but the bug in N1MM that gave the appearance it worked. Someone was playing with N1MM and changed the setting one day from Two to Single and found that it worked vs going through a full new install of OS, SmartSDR, and N1MM and got tripped up by the N1MM bug.

    I also agree that it should work with SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono, but my bet is that there is a bug in OTRSP / Flex V3.2.39.

    I like my T-Shirts XL please.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Hi Dwayne

    Here is the way it works.

    The Internal Radio Code button ensures that DAX is turned ON for playing the message and then turns it off at the end, IF DAX was off at the beginning. TX DAX on SmartSDR must be on. You get to decide if you want DAX on to start or not. I believe this is what you are seeing.

    If DAX was on, then it leaves it on and doesn't turn it off.

    This is what the CAT flow looks like if you start with TX DAX on in SmartSDR. You can see this on your radio by looking at the LOG tab for the com port. After the message is played, it leaves DAX On.

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.387 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZDX;

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.387 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: ZZDX1;

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.393 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZDX1;

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.425 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZMG;

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.425 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [rcvd]: ZZMG047;

    2022-03-28 12:26:31.431 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZMG000;

    It sends the message and then resets the MicGain and turns the transmitter off (TX0).

    2022-03-28 12:26:32.732 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZMG047;

    2022-03-28 12:26:32.738 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZMG047;

    2022-03-28 12:26:32.744 COM8 (N1MMLogger) [sent]: ZZTX0;

    I have tested this in house and both SO2R Single sound card and 2 Sound card both work fine as long as you have the internal radio codec button switch enabled.

    Regarding the documentation, the documents on our web site show a signal sound card and the one you provided says dual sound card. Both work just fine. Internally we have tested this a few times, so there is no requirement to change the documentation at this time.

    Short story, we see it working as designed.

    We have many many customers who have followed the Flex SO2R Single Sound Card without issue. Now, if the problem was systemic and it affected 100% of the install base, we would have to find the root cause.


  • Dwayne_AB6A
    Dwayne_AB6A Member ✭✭

    Mike - N1MM Update just posted. V1.0.9501.0 with the fix to SO2R configuration so that is out of the way.

    Since others posted on the same issue, we look forward to the fix.

  • Dwayne_AB6A
    Dwayne_AB6A Member ✭✭

    I have tested this on Windows 10 and 11 and many times over...

    SO2R: Single Soundcound Mono

    1. PC microphone
    2. DAX OFF on both Slice 1 and 2.
    3. Slice 1 click voice macro and DAX automatically enabled, voice macro sent.
    4. Slice 2 click voice macro and DAX NOT automatically enabled, voice macro not sent. Manually enabling DAX and voice Macro works.

    SO2R: Two Soundcound Mono

    1. PC microphone
    2. DAX OFF on both Slice 1 and 2.
    3. Slice 1 click voice macro and DAX automatically enabled, voice macro sent.
    4. Slice 2 click voice macro and DAX automatically enabled, voice macro sent.

    The problem is in the automatic enablement of DAX for Slice 2 for the SO2R: Single Soundcard Mono config. I will also review COM Port log and confirm what I see.


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited March 2022

    The N1MM programmers and I have been looking at some issues with variables and they have to be cautious that any change does not break a solution that is currently functional. The fix they coded this week should help. I have been doing a lot of testing with them since Monday.

    Case in point. This was a few days before CQWPX. This is the video I shared with you last week.


    • Single Sound Mono
    • Internal Codec On
    • Dax OFF

    You can see that it works as our documentation outlines. DAX is off, goes on and then goes off. This is Windows 10 Pro on V3.2.39 of SmartSDR.

    The concern moving forward is what is different between your failing installations and my non-failing installations (3 computers all running Windows 10 Pro - 1 laptop, 1 remote desktop and 1 local desktop).

    The recommendation for those watching it to use one of the 2 Sound Card setups (Single or 2 Sound cards) and then ensure that you have Internal Radio Codec turned on so that N1MM sends the correct DAX commands. Essentially, if one doesn't work, try the other.

    I reviewed some raw video I did back in September of 2020 where I had SO2R and Single Sound card with internal Codec set and that configuration was working as expected and without issue.

    Please keep in mind that fixes to code or documentation can't be changed without ensuring that it doesn't break solutions that are already working. If it is documentation that we have on our web site, I also have to have 'code review' on it and review it with others to make sure I did not miss anything or break some other part of the radio solution.

    For the time being, continue to use your 2 Sound Card setup as that works for you.

  • Dwayne_AB6A
    Dwayne_AB6A Member ✭✭

    As I continue to say, the N1MM bug gave the appearance SO2R: Mono works. N1MM bug is fixed now.

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