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PGXL Keying

Just received my PGXL set it up for PTT Source + LAN

It keep droping out when using the pgxl unless I had the drive lever around 35

Switched to RCA for PTT source and works like a charm. Power level I tried was 5 watts to 30.

Kinda like the 5 to 10 watt drive level don't need to run max limit.


  • Larry _ NY8T
    Larry _ NY8T Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    As you seem to know already, the amount of drive used while using Lan PTT keying should not have any influence on weather the amp keys or not. My PGXL will still keyed if I have the radio rf power slider set to zero or any other low drive level. Is your PGXL staying keyed at low drive levels and your just not seeing rf power out or is the PGXL not even keying/staying keyed?

  • Rob_K8YV
    Rob_K8YV Member ✭✭

    No it drops out on Lan but not on RCA.

    Not a big problem but i'll get into this. Just need some more time to play. Yes i;m retired and no time lol

    It's snowing and is windy, had to go put my ladder line back up for some reason it was on the ground.

    Was not fun windy and cold but it's back up.

    Got some other items to take care of and then rearranging the shack a bit.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    If PTT drops about at full power and doesn't at lower power, you have an RFI issue. My first place to look would be RF getting into the DC power cord for the network switch.

    Not all network switches are created equal. Make sure you have one in a Metal case as they seem to make a difference.

    What is happening is that communication between the radio and the PGXL is being lost and that is causing the PGXL to drop out of TX.

    A good test is to try the amplifier into a high-power dummy load (which is a must-have). You can find them at DX Engineering and they aren't expensive. If the problem goes away, then you have RF coming back into the shack when you really want it outside the shack.

  • Rob_K8YV
    Rob_K8YV Member ✭✭

    it drops on low power only.

    network is metal and shielded.

    Did the dummy load that was the first item I did. Always do a process of elimination.

    Can't find out what it is find what it isn't you will find what it is.

    Rearranging the shack right now. I'll get back on it in a bit.

    Thanks for the thoughts and directions.

    Rob K8YV

  • Sergey KN7K
    Sergey KN7K Member ✭✭✭

    If it drops at low power and not at higher power, open a support ticket. It should not be that way. I can drive my PGXL with just 1 watt or anything above.

    Sergey, KN7K

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