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Release of node-red-contrib-flexradio nodes v1.1!

N1SH Member ✭✭

Release of node-red-contrib-flexradio nodes v1.1.0 - Friday, January 7, 2022

This version is now available on NPM and will be available from the NodeRed Palette Manager shortly. If you have a flexradio and use NodeRed, these nodes provide an easy way for you to control your radio remotely.

The big update in this version is the addition of streaming data! Panadapters, waterfalls, audio, and IQ streams are all now included in the new `flexradio-stream` node.

* Added `flexradio-stream` node to handle VITA-49 streaming data for panadapters, waterfalls, audio, and IQ streams. The data are parsed into JSON objects/arrays and injected into the flow. The examples has a NodeRed dashboard "template" example to display the panadapter on a dashboard. The example is "rough" but gets the idea across. There are no examples yet for waterfall, audio, or IQ data.

* Added `client` configuration to the `flexradio-message` node so you can filter to receive only messages generated by yourself (self), by the radio (client id of 0), or by any client connected to the radio. The default is `All` to match the previous versions of the node. 

* Fixed a bug where meters would become "unknown". The meter handling code was not watching for updates as it should have been.

* Fixed a problem where VITA-49 trailers were not properly accounted for. Somehow I had the field in the wrong place and was seeing 4 bytes of 0's at the end of stream data. There were no adverse effects on flows as the radio seems to only send trailers on the stream data (panadapter, waterfall, etc.).

* `flexradio-request` now passes `msg` properties from input to output so you can track your requests easier. Example; set `msg.topic` on input and the response from `flexradio-request` will have the same `msg.topic` and `msg._msgid` as on the input.

Current issues and some items loosely categorized as bugs can be found on the GitHub page for the project -- https://github.com/stephenhouser/node-red-contrib-flexradio/issues. If you do find a bug, please report it there or here (groups.io) and when verified, I'll post it there as well.

Stephen, N1SH


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