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Transverter issue with SmartSDR v3.2.39

Set up a new 144Mhz transverter from Ukraine on my new 6400 SmartSDR v3.2.39. Made a valid xverter configuration, and it initially came up and worked almost as expected rx and tx except that I could not program any repeater xmit offset to work.

Then closed the windows GUI. Next future windows login attempt to the flex crashed just as the GUI appeared. could not access from that machine after that.

Then logged in from 2nd Windows machine which accessed the GUI ok... but crashed when band change to 144. Any further access crashed from that machine..

Finally, succesfully logged in from 3rd Windows machine and immediately deleted the transverter configuraton, wherein, all 3 machines can now access as before.

Is this a SmartSDR v3.2.39 issue ?? Any thoughts would be helpful. I have opened a case on this but sometimes the community has the empirical answers.


  • Barry Isseks
    Barry Isseks Member ✭✭

    Follow-up.. As long as I log off the session on any band other than the Transverter band (144 in my case) I can reconnect to an SDR windows session. If, however, I close the session on the xvert band, session crashes 100% of the time on that computer reconnect try. Won't connect to a xverter session it appears..... Very strange.

  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Barry, I have not seen this behavior with my transverter. You might want to try a factory reset if you haven't done that yet. Be sure to export your profiles first.

    If that doesn't help, I would submit a help desk ticket.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin


    Can you post a screen shot of your SmartSDR before you shut down and your Transverter configuration.

    Can you explain what "log off the session" means. There is no login information to use SmartSDR. Since you are using 3 computers, are you using MultiFlex at all?

    My guess is your database on the radio is corrupted. I would reset the radio after backing up your profiles. Before you import your profiles, just add the 2M transverter again and see how it goes. Also, what 2M frequency are you using?

    I run 2 transverters on my 6600. I usually activate them by using a Global Profile I previously saved, but that should not make a difference.


  • Barry Isseks
    Barry Isseks Member ✭✭

    Sure Mike, "log off" simply meaning close the SDR session disconnecting from that computer. Not using multiflex or logging in with multiple computers at the same time. All other functions are nominal. I figured out the repeater off-set does work fine but does not display on the slice flag and that is normal. I have not used the memories. Just tuned to a local repeater, and simplex channels in the 146Mhz area for testing. Below are the screen shots you requested. To be clear: When I close SmartSDR ONLY while on the Transverter band, re-open SmartSDR from that computer connection is lost and the 6400 reboots. I cannot access SDR again unless I use another computer. If I change to any other band before closing SDR, I can reconnect with no issue. I'll go through a reset if I must.

  • Barry Isseks
    Barry Isseks Member ✭✭

    Hi -Tonight I did a reset of the radio per the manual, and it appears Mike's hunch of a corrupt database was right on.

    I thought I would need to go through complete new radio configuration, but just the saved profile configs needed to be imported so the process was really painless. I did set up the xverter settings from scratch, and then after confirming closing SDR on the 2M band, and reopening SDR on the same machine, it was a great relief to see it opened up back in 144Mhz, and the other profiles were then imported back in and worked.

    This was indeed a bizarre experience and truly appreciate the Flex community support.

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