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Power Genius XL APC limit

I just got my PGXL and found in testing that ALC started limiting power out on 6 meters at 1300 watts, 160 meters at 1300 watts and on 20 meters at 1490 watts as shown on the front panel and Utility, meters And the SmartSDR meter on my 6300 reads about 10% higher . So I can't get 1500 watts on 6 ,20 or 160 meters Runing into a dummy load SWR reads 1.1 to 1 and temp. Below 40c. Anyone see this before or have any ideas meters reading low or ALC needs corrected ? MARK W7OK


  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    How do you have ALC connected? Are you using a Flex? I don't have any ALC connection to mine and I can easily drive it to 1700 watts on most bands, except 6m. Anything past 1700 and it will start to limit in my case. This was tested into a 1:1 dummy load.

    While I can get the amp to 1500 on 6m it heats up so fast it is mostly not usable at that power for me. At 1kw it does "ok" but still heats really fast. I'm glad I have it in a shed outside next to my house. Not only is it cooler in there but I can't hear the crazy fans when on 6m.

  • mark1952
    mark1952 Member
    Hi I ment APC (Automatic Power Control) in the amp that limits output power to a safe level it should be at 2000W on most bands 1650W on 160M and 1750W on 20M but my amp is limiting at below 1500W on 6M, 20M and 160M. My amp is working good on 6M up to 1300-1350W and then the APC come on and limits the output. I opened a ticket but nothing happening
  • Mark_WS7M
    Mark_WS7M Member ✭✭✭

    Ya ok... Well mine lets me set 1700 on most bands unless the SWR is too high.

  • sschrack
    sschrack Member ✭✭
    I have noticed this same issue where APC is jumping in and limiting power on 20meters well below the established specs. This was not an issue for me prior to the latest firmware update for the PGXL. I suspect it may have something to do with region. Again this behavior was not seen prior to the latest firmware.
  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    We agree that ALC is not the tool you want to use for this. (It is way beyond what I want to get into at this point),

    The PGXL is limited to a total gain of 15db for US customers. This can take you beyond 1500 watts if you are not paying attention, but, under the terms of your license, this is something you, as the operator are responsible for. This is the joy about the Amateur Radio License.

    @sschrack, if you are having a different issue, please open a support ticket. For you, this is a different issue.

  • sschrack
    sschrack Member ✭✭
    @Mike-VA3MW Hi Mike yes I did open a ticket and my issue was resolved. ALC mentioned in the first post I believe was a typo. My issue was in the latest firmware it was limiting power on the three mentioned bands below stated US specifications. The behavior did not occur prior to me upgrading to version 3.6.21 I received excellent support and the issue was resolved. If anyone else is experiencing a similar issue. Open a support ticket they helped me.

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