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Unable to connect to Smartlink this morning. Are the servers down?


  • K6JV
    K6JV Member ✭✭

    Anyone else experiencing this? Down all day either through the Maestro or SDR and DogPark

  • Grant VK4JAZ
    Grant VK4JAZ Member ✭✭
    Mine works fine, but I am situated in Australia.
  • K6JV
    K6JV Member ✭✭

    This morning I rebooted the radio remotely and it has come back online. Tried that yesterday without any success but today it worked.

  • VA3AE
    VA3AE Member ✭✭

    I receive the notice that there is no response from the smartlink server. Either by DogPark or SmartSDR

    The radio responds to pings on the local subnet. I can telnet to it through the wire guard VPN so I know it is running. Shame I haven't yet figured out the trickery to make the Flex connections work via wire guard, but I have discovered that this is a design limitation of the VPN.

    I have not taught the power bar to power cycle yet, in case the '6500 -> smartlink connection needs to be reinitialized. I guess that is next on my to do list. Unless the API now has a soft reboot command.....? I guess I should look that up.

    telnet 4992


    Connected to

    Escape character is '^]'.



    M10000001|Client connected from IP

    S74!e2B3C1|radio slices=4 panadapters=4 ...... et cetera

    It's a long drive out to the remote site.... Suggestions?

    de Dave, VA3AE

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited November 2021


    If you can run FRStack on a PC local to the radio, you can reboot it remotely or via an API command since you have connected to the Telnet side.

    I'm not sure if you have a local PC, however, something I would recommend for a variety of reasons, this being one of them.

    When this happens, it is often an issue with routing of packets via the firewall. Can you check to see if the portforwarding rules are still correct before you reboot.

    Can you telnet to the radio to the outside WAN address and the external port that maps to 4992? This will show that this inbound port is functioning. (not through the VPN).

    You may want to watch this thread too: https://community.flexradio.com/discussion/8025436/l3-vpn-remote-solution-with-wireguard#latest


  • VA3AE
    VA3AE Member ✭✭

    Hi Mike, the install of my '6500 is at the site you and I were talking about a couple of months ago. I'm getting close to finishing the tests and writing up a proposal for a '6700 with Tuner and Amp.

    The radio is still unavailable through SmartLink as I stop to have my lunch.

    Yes the firewall rules are still set properly and the port is open and I can telnet directly to the radio as well as over the VPN. On the firewall I only have 4993 and 4994 open and never was it 4992.

    The Remote Access has been working well for several months, and through both a complete network equipment upgrade and a bandwidth increase/IP change negotiated with the ISP; overall I can say I have been satisfied with the SmartLink except for the Multi-User aspect. A shared account for access isn't something we can live with in production.

    Since the smartlink access control pieces are quite limited for a club station, we were considering the Wire Guard. I have designed a little python script to deny/allow the endpoint/peer access based on identity certificate and time/date; a simple scheduling system for club members is still a puzzle I am working out.

    I am admin on both ends of the network, so I have ability to see and adjust what needs adjusting.

    We have a dedicated Laptop - Win10v1909@8GB Ram - running in the Flex rack, but the **** thing blue screens every few days, and it is again BSoD today. I'm unfamiliar with the FRStack, which I don't believe is installed on that device - I'll do some more reading on that. I have a second laptop to go and install that may improve the uptime. I can't make it out there until tomorrow night, so I may be out of options until I get on site.

    I also have an old network aware and programmable power bar to use to power cycle the various radio receptacles in the Emergency Transmitter Room, but I still need to make a special serial cable to program the **** thing. A symptom of cobbling equipment together for a proof of concept with only a few ops $$.

    I run MacBookPro as my daily driver and both DogPark and SmartSDR are running very well with no significant problems or crashes in all our tests; the Win10x systems have a much poorer history, but that isn't a Flex problem it's Redmond's problem.

    I will check the thread you included, thank you.

    I have read through some scholarly WG documents and all the smart kids say that stacking inside the VPN is problematic. The math is pretty confusing for the wee computers that are used for the networking.

    OpenVPN has the ability to present the all the Flex traffic to us on a local subnet, albeit with some hackery, but the CPU soon maxes and our routing equipment slows to a crawl, degrading the experience of operating the Flex.

    WG barely moves the CPU needle on the router when we pipe a full 100Mb/s using iperf3, and there's no packet loss, suggesting it is a more efficient way of doing things.

    As WG matures I think it will be a very useful tool, and if we can make it work with the Flex then all the better.

    73 de Dave

  • VA3AE
    VA3AE Member ✭✭

    Arrived on site and had to reboot the radio and the PC; it seems like the PC's BSoD somehow hung the radio, or vice versa perhaps....

    Installing the FRstack and hopefully the remote access to the device will allow the remote reboot until we get a proper remote power switch.

  • David Decoons, wo2x
    David Decoons, wo2x Member, Super Elmer Moderator


    Quite a few of us use the Web Switch Pro from Digital Loggers. They are very robust and have a built-in watchdog timer that can ping multiple web sites every x minutes (you decide how often) and if it does not get a response from any of the sites over several tries it can reboot designated outlets such as cable modem, router and on site PC for example.

    With supply chain issues they are a little hard to get but we’ll worth it.


    Dave wo2x

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