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Shouldn't 'DAX Audio RX1 (...) NOT be permanent and at 100% gain?

W0MPM John
W0MPM John Member ✭✭
DAX Audio RX 1 (FlexRadio Systems DAX Audio) is permanently 'stuck' under Win10 Settings, Sound, App volume and device preferences. And at each system start is at 100% volume. Sometimes, I discovered it is the source of severe overdrive in FLdigi and no other gain control corrects that even to turning off the DAX channel. If I am correct and this is not supposed to be a permanent resident any hints on how to fix it much appreciated. Thanks, John W0MPM
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  • W0MPM John
    W0MPM John Member ✭✭
    I should add the above is at initial system start BEFORE SmartSDR and/or SmartDAX is run. And unlike other entries in the same place, it does not disappear with the program exit.

    John W0MPM
  • Al K0VM
    Al K0VM Member ✭✭✭

    You should be able to control the DAX audio level in the DAX GUI..

    AL, K0VM

  • W0MPM John
    W0MPM John Member ✭✭
    Thanks Al. Yes I can control now using the DAX GUI. But this entry in Win10, Settings, Sound, App volume and device preferences ALWAYS is there and I suspect it should not (be there except after SmartSDR and SmartDAX have been started). And it is ALWAYS at 100% volume when started which overdrives in this case fldigi. I'm pretty sure it's not expected behavior to always need to bring up Win10 Settings Sound ... every time to adjust this volume. So I'm trying to understand what it is where it comes from and what I can do to fix it. It seems to 'overpower' the DAX GUI RX Gain setting and remains in the fldigi waterfall etc even with DAX GUI Slice de-selected. NEW information. I created Slice B and then configured fldigi to DAX Audio RX 2 and that seems to work as designed. So what ever I did to get this bogus entry stuck in App volume and device preferences; need to make it go away. Usually I'd expect to pay extra for a Win10 tutorial; this is included at no extra cost! Cool.
  • W0MPM John
    W0MPM John Member ✭✭

    I think have found the problem but do not understand what it IS nor how to fix it. In addition to the application 'stuck' as described and shown in the screenshot in my first post I find this related entry in the Device Manager. Highllighted in yellow. It's different than all the other devices and different than presented in examples elsewhere (somewhere) on this site. Can I just fix this one (DAX Audio RX1 (FlexRadio Systems DAX Audio)). I believe this is the source of the signal overdriving fldigi.

    Thanks, John

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Please open a support ticket.

  • W0MPM John
    W0MPM John Member ✭✭

    Thank you Mike-VA3MW

    I was about to do as you directed (open a support ticket); but then - magic - got it working. That is now jinxed of course and within this day I'll again **** it up for sure. But I hate to burden the help system now. Will save it for some future event.

    For anyone interested I followed Tim Ellison "How to manually Re-Install DAX Drivers" here:


    only for the RXaudio_DAX folder. That got rid of the bogus device and the apparently associated app in Windows Sound Settings.

    Oddly enough immediately following I then had issues with the CAT port. Created a new different Serial COM which worked. Needed to learn how to do that anyway. Couple of system reboots later all is well. No idea how that happened. Will leave well enough alone. Even have the extra COM now to run LOG4om and fldigi simultaneously on their own ports.

    Life is good. 😊

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