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no transmit audio with ios

Good morning everyone. I am new to flex radio, and I'm mostly up and running with my new flex 6400. I am having trouble transmitting with the iphone 12 on ios 14.7.1 My Flex 6400 is running v3.2.39

I can connect via the SmartSDR. CW will transmit and I can see the power meter move on the external LDG tuner. It also transmits when I select the "tune" button on the ios app. When I'm in LSB and I press the PTT, the light turns red for transmit, but I'm not seeing any power on the meter.

Right menu: Mic is selected to iPhone and the IOS profile is selected. DAX is grey, RF power set to 100%

Left menu: iphone audio selected. Audio device is Airplay to iphone. microphone vol adj is +1.2, mic threshold is 1.39

I have tried selecting different profiles and back to IOS profile. I've moved the mic vol adj around. and mic threshold. Tested the mic with voice memos. closed the app and shut the phone off and turned it back on.

Any ideas?


Best Answer

  • N6PG
    N6PG Member ✭✭
    edited September 2021 Answer ✓
    We had some thunderstorms come through San Diego. I powered everything down and disconnected the antenna. Now I rebooted everything back up and it's working when the iphone is on the same wifi router as the flex is plugged into.

    What I'm seeing is that on my iphone under available radios, there were two options, and now only one. I can't remember what the other one was called. In any case, now there is only one radio option, and I can connect with it and I can now transmit SSB with audio and power out.

    BUT when I try and connect via LTE cell, the SmartSDR app on the iphone doesn't show any radios. When I boot up the PC and open the SmartSDR program and choose "Smartlink Setup" it says the radio doesn't have an internet connection. The LED by the ethernet cable is green and I have other devices that are using the router, so that's not the issue I believe. When I test the connection on the SmartSDR; Smartlink Setup, it is giving a lot of dots and trying, but the button never turns green. It was earlier... I did have a connection.

    The Network shows "Excellent" and all green on my PC flex interface. It also shows that on the Network Diagnostics. On the iOS SmartSDR app it shows my smartlink account and it connects when I select to check status. I then disconnect the PC SmartSDR and when I look at the SmartSDR program window and choose Smartlink Setup, it says the radio does not have an internet connection.

    Thank you...


  • halmassey
    halmassey Member ✭✭

    Try the raw mike in your iPhone. That will at least divide the problem in half. I use it my iPad and 11Pro Iphone just fine but I have not tried to pick up audio from an Airplay to Iphone...

  • halmassey
    halmassey Member ✭✭

    Just a reminder....the audio level is clearly visible in the radio control panel. There is a VU like meter. If no audio is getting there it indicts the audio path.

  • N6PG
    N6PG Member ✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Thank you. So on the left menu I only see under "Audio" and then "Audio Device" it shows airplay. When I select that prompt, it shows Airplay and the check mark is on "iphone". The receive audio is coming out the iphone speaker.

    The VU meter is helpful... thank you. I am looking at that and I can see under the P/CW when I key the PTT the "Level" is moving as audio is detected from the iphone mic. The "RF Power" on the top is showing nothing. I have RF Power set at 100. When I select "TUNE" it shows 10w on the power meter.

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