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6300 not powering on

Hi All

Been away for awhile just got back to the radio station

1) Power supply ON thats working checked 13.8V

2) Pressed the power button on my Flex 6300 and NOTHING no lights and NO power ON

3) Got a Brand New 50amp Power Supply and connected the 6300 to that and just with the power leads connected there was 13.8v just on the power lead Fine. Then reconnected the Power lead back to the 6300

4) Tried the power Button again and still NO lights and Nothing ???

any one got any ideas ???




  • VK7WH Winston
    VK7WH Winston Member ✭✭✭

    Have you checked the internal fuse in the 6300?

    I have a 6700 and the fuse can be accessed by taking off the top cover using a number 8 torx tool, but I’m not sure if the 6300 has the fuse in the same location. In any event perhaps it would be best to lodge a ticket with Flex, who will soon have you sorted out.


    Winston, VK7WH

  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    Hi Winston

    Thanks for the message, I've just taken the cover off and had a look in side there's only what looks like 2 small CAR fuses on the boards 1 is a 5amp and I can not get to the other but it looks fine i.e. intact from what I can see of it, I've checked the 5 amp fuse and that's fine, still nothing powers on, before when I first switch the power supply on I used to get the front green LED light up just for a quick second then off that's how I knew everything was going to power on but now nothing, The only thing that I can see with any power is a very small Green LED near just behind the POWE ON switch on the board it's self I'll put a photo on here if I can showing what the LED is, I've looked around the board and can not see any other LED's or anything that can light up so I'm stumped, I've checked all my other radio gear and the Flex is the only one not working.

    Thank's for the help and anyone else who might post information also.

    Rob M0AOV

  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    Sorry I didn't say yes I've got a ticket open to see the Flex need to go in to repair or if support can get it working with me.


  • VK7WH Winston
    VK7WH Winston Member ✭✭✭

    I’m sure a Help Desk ticket is the right move Rob.

    As the board layout seems totally different to my 6700 I don’t think I can be of much further help, other than to suggest you carefully check both the cable end and the chassis mount power pole connections for a loose or high resistance connection.



  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Please open a support ticket and include the pictures and all the comments you have made so far. That will help them to give you a more complete answer on the first go around.


  • M0AOV
    M0AOV Member ✭✭

    Thank's for the help guy's the radio is now on it's way to Germany to be fixed.

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