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SSDR opening but no display

I am using SSDR 3.2.39 on an up to date windows 10 machine. This system worked fine last week and AFAIK I have not changed anything.

When I click launch from programmes, SSDR, Cat and Smart DAX icons come up at the bottom of the screen as usual but there are no windows to use. I do not have a second monitor set up and have restarted radios and PC several times

I believe this is a Windows issue as Google Chrome now opens to a totally white window and MS Edge opens to a totally black window (no toolbar or anything else). I think these are functional but not displaying properly as clicking top right where the "x" normally is closes either browser. Other apps, like the Exert amp software, behave as normal.

I have rolled back a couple of windows updates to see if that is my problem, but no change. Googling "white screen chrome" suggests changing video card settings, but my HP laptop doesnt have any!

Any thoughts or similar experiences that could help?


Steve, M0BPQ

Best Answer


  • Erik Carling EI4KF
    Erik Carling EI4KF Member ✭✭✭

    Just a possibility - the following is a cause but not the only one, therefore I cannot guarantee it will help but is worth a try: the the SSDR, CAT and DAX windows are open but not displaying within the viewing area of the Monitor is the possible cause I am referring to. In this case:

    Hold down SHIFT and right-click the application in the taskbar. You should get a menu with an option to “Move” the window. Click Move and use the arrow keys to position the application in the visible area of the screen. Once the window begins to appear on the screen you can then usually use the mouse to move the window.

    If the “Move” option is greyed-out, you’ll need to select “Restore” first. Once restore is selected, you should be able to move the window.

    This recently happened to me with the K9DUR Voice Keyer being "off-screen". Edge and Chrome use Chromium which had a bug that was 'fixed' but seems not for everybody. In these browsers with the issue, hardware acceleration needs to be turned off. Getting to that setting when it is not visible was a challenge but once I thought through how to do it and made that change I have not had other app windows become invisible and no longer get the white and black browser windows.

    I am sure you will get other answers with other possible solutions in case this one is not valid for your problem.

  • Steve Bunting
    Steve Bunting Member ✭✭

    Thanks Erik. I did try that but it is not working - the only options I get when I right click are: "Pin to task bar" and "close window".

    The PC is at my remote site so I cant remove it until Tuesday!



  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Steve, you need to hold the shift key then right click. It sounds like you are left-clicking.

  • Steve Bunting
    Steve Bunting Member ✭✭

    Tnx - Len still no dice. Looks more fundamental than that!

  • Robby
    Robby Member ✭✭

    Check the processor model on your new PC. Settings>System>About. If it is an 11th generation chip go to Intel download site Downloads for Processors (intel.com) and install the new driver dated 7/13/21. I had this problem as have several others with new computers using the 11th generation processors and the new driver fixed it.


  • Steve Bunting
    Steve Bunting Member ✭✭

    Thanks for comments. I have solved this, but can't explain why......

    The laptop is configured so closing the lid *does not* invoke sleep, but when the lid is closed, SSDR/Browsers don't display over a VNC, yet other apps do. When the lid is open SSDR and the browsers work just fine over VNC.

    As I said, I cant explain it, but hey, it's "fixed".



  • I finally got the internal graphics on an 11th gen i5-11600K processor working with a new Intel driver.
    This fixed the spectrum and waterfall display on SSDR!
    The Intel driver was just released on Nov. 2 2021.
    The Intel driver version is

    This is a new build desktop build using a Gigabyte D560M-DS3H motherboard.
    I thought you would like to know.

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