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DAX/CAT Show PC Available But Won't Connect

Purchased new Asus Zenbook Intel I-7. I uninstalled Macafee and turned off the Windows Defender Firewall. Radio is a 6400 located in NJ which I operate from FL. SmartSDR sees the radio and can connect to it. CAT and DAX both show the radio as available but with either, when connecting a msg is returned that says 'the station desktop is not connected; start it or connect to another station.' The old laptop connects up just fine. So, some setting or something in the new laptop has to be the problem. I have updated to all the latest graphics drivers, latest Windows 10 and tried everything else I could think of but no joy. Appreciate any help or suggestions.
Tony N2SS


  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    I'll echo what Mike VA3MW's answered in an earlier thread:

    "Usually, when SmartSDR CAT and DAX cannot communicate with the radio, it is a Windows Firewall issue."

    /Lasse SM5GLC

  • Thanks. Yes, I saw that. That was why I shut Windows Defender Firewall off. Made no difference except I keep getting notifications that I should turn it back on.
  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    Is the old computer running W10? And are they set up in a similar way i.e. "Home network"

    Hmm, it sure looks like a firewall problem! if your Defender F/W is disabled and you have uninstalled the McAfee ****.. I would have a look at the router f/w. Might be a port forwarding issue, as you do have a computer that is working, why not issue the same local (static) IP address to the new computer to see if it works? Other than that, I guess you better open a ticket.

    Maybe go grab a Starbucks and test from their WiFi? :)

    Really no need to have the f/w disabled, just mark the checkboxes allow SSDR programs to access the net.

  • Hi Lasse, router ports were opened in the router at the remote station when it was set up many months ago and access has been successfully available by multiple devices since. So, I don't see port forwarding as an issue with the new laptop.

    When the new laptop would not work I went overkill in shutting firewall and anti-virus completely off just to eliminate them from the problem equation.

    I have tried the new laptop from other locations, all with the same result: SmartSDR displays the waterfall and I can tune and key the radio; DAX and CAT both show the remote radio as available (and the TEST lights up green) but when I click on CONNECT it says the station is not connected. Very frustrating! How can the radio show as available, connection tests good and the connect request returns a 'not connected'?!
  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you should open a ticket.... not much I can help. But i would try to allow CAT/DAX to have access to net through the settings in Defender f/w, what to loose?

  • I opened a ticket on Friday, so hope to hear something early next week. For now, I'll leave the Defender f/w off so that it is totally out of the equation. I will set it up once I get everything working.
  • Lasse SM5GLC
    Lasse SM5GLC Member ✭✭✭

    Not trying to be a smart-aleck... I see on my W10 machine that the Defender f/w can be on for some domains and still be off on others. Just make sure you have disabled the f/w matching the domain you are using to access internet.

    Good luck with finding what is causing your problems, and do let us know when you find out what is causing the problems.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited July 2021

    The other thing when this happens, it is the following items, all network related:

    • Windows Firewall is on (I mentioned that)
    • The NIC card on the new laptop is in PUBLIC mode, not PRIVATE mode (you can google that)
    • The radio is plugged directly into the Network port on another PC (radio not on the LAN). We get this a LOT
    • New Laptop is no WiFi and all WiFi clients are isolated each other for security reasons - this is a WiFi access point setting
    • Some other device like a range extender (not in Bridge Mode) is now in play and it is now on a different subnet (this is why we always ask for the IP address of the PC client and the radio - it helps to tell the story)
    • Customer is on a Mesh and it isn't in Bridge Mode resulting in the PC on a totally isolated network (again, why we ask for the IP addresses)

    There are a few other corner cases. This is why it is advantageous to learn a bit about network (it isn't complicated). Not only will your radio run great, so will your NetFlix. :)


  • Now working thanks to my trouble ticket response. This was a new installation and I had connected CAT and DAX to the radio, thinking that was sufficient but 2nd step in the process was to then connect them to the laptop. Wasn't aware of the 2 step process for this initial installation. My 'duh!' moment. Thanks to Flex help desk for quick response and the explanation.

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