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Ciro Mazzoni interface to radio

KG9LD Member ✭✭

Hello all

I just hooked up a Ciro Mazzoni Stealth Loop to my Flex 6500. Even though I have this antenna mounted directly opposite of their recommendations, it's getting out and working fine.

My question is to the Ciro Mazzoni owners that are using full auto mode. I bought the C.M. cable for Flex radios and have it plugged into one of the usb ports on the back of the radio. If I go to "USB Cables" from the SSDR (mac) menu it shows the cable as a "new CAT cable" and enabled. I have the ATU on the Flex disabled and the tuner for the antenna set to Full Auto but it's not tracking the vfo of the radio.

Any hints as to which direction I should go to get this resolved?

Thanks in advance,



  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin


    While I don't have such a device, you may want to go into the advanced settings and make sure the baud rate is correct and matching the other unit and possibly turn on Auto-Report.

    Also, make sure you have the Souce set correctly. I suspect you want it to track a specific TX Antenna port,

    That would be the first place I would look. The baud rate has to match the unit you are sending data to and in Kenwood format. This is a screen shot from one I have used for an amplifer.


  • KG9LD
    KG9LD Member ✭✭

    Thanks Mike,

    I have done all that. I'm pretty sure it's set up correctly on both the radio and the tuner that came with the antenna but when I disable the semi or full auto tuning on the tuner it flashes a screen that says what the full auto range is (6600-29800 KHz). It's weird behavior but the tuner and antenna are working manually just fine.

    I'm missing something but not sure what yet...

  • KG9LD
    KG9LD Member ✭✭

    Here are a couple of pics to show the behavior plus a pic of me at 40' with the ridiculously mounted antenna.

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    You can see what the radio is sending the controller by watching the Log file in SmartSDR CAT.

    Maybe send it to Ciro Mazzoni.

    Nice pics!

  • KG9LD
    KG9LD Member ✭✭

    I don't think the radio is sending anything but I'll check.

  • KG9LD
    KG9LD Member ✭✭

    My settings are identical but I still think I did something wrong...

  • N7WRH
    N7WRH Member ✭✭
    Baby Loop here but should be similar settings: I use 115200 (make sure controller matches radio speed and use CAT 1), port is 8, N, 1, enable auto report. Semi auto works best for me so I can choose when it tunes. Good luck!
  • Ed Brenner
    Ed Brenner Member ✭✭


    Did you get your problem resolved? If so what was the cure. I just hooked up a Cirro Midi and have the exact problem.

    Can't get it to track the frequency in either semi or full auto mode. Manual tune ok. Using same setup as recommended.

    Thanks Ed KM4HPN

  • Brian_KF4IRE
    Brian_KF4IRE Member ✭✭
    [{"insert":"Very interested in any follow-up to this thread as I am considering placing my order for the midi in the next couple of days.\n"}]
  • MikeRuiz
    MikeRuiz Member
    [{"insert":"I have a ticket in to Ciro as well. Manual tuning works great. Flex detects CAT USB cable. Tried multiple source options in USB CAT Cable setup. Using 9600 8N1. Tried all flow control options though everyone using it successfully seems to suggest no flow control is proper. (wow flashbacks to the good old modem days with this).\n\nIn the Flex logs I see regular automatic sending of the CAT commands\n15:23:09 (RX): IF;\n15:23:09 (TX): IF000140740000010+0000000000090000000;\n\nI've changed and waited the required 3 seconds of stable VFO frequency which should trigger the Ciro ATU2 to retune. \n\nOnce I get this sorted, I think I will be 90% of the way there with this antenna. Thankfully with manual working, it's still usable for now\n"}]
  • HB9HJQ
    HB9HJQ Member ✭✭
    I also had some issues with my ATU2 for the Baby-Loop and was able to track it down to a firmware version having an issue reading the frequency correctly. This was also reported to Mazzoni.

    For me the v405 worked with the FlexRadio (but not Yaesu..) and v406 worked with Yaesu but broke support for FlexRadio. I had to flash the firmware according to the TRX I was using ;)

    With the current v409 everything works as expected.
    My serialport settings: 9600/8/N/1

    73 Christian, HB9HJQ

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