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CQ CQ Flex Radio Anyone there?

*Scroll to bottom for question thanks.

I purchased a new Flex Radio PGXL amplifier, mid march and it arrived April 5.

The new PGXL amplifier has never worked properly since the day it arrived. The problem is it fails on POST with fails and takes multiply on/off and factory reset before it boots to standby. If PGXL is left in standby all is good and works as expected.

Part of Flex Radio support is the Flex community forum. On 17 April I started a thread ( Strange Behavior swr protect fail and meters don't register anything).  As instructed by Flex Radio. https://community.flexradio.com/discussion/8024419/strange-behavior-swr-protect-fail-and-meters-dont-register-anything#latest

On 18 April Help Desk Ticket submitted. On 19 April this thread was closed by a Flex employee as part of their support policy. I am unaware of what this support policy is, as it is not readily available.

Flex support did reach out to me the next day and 21 April threw remote access did install I pre-release version of Firmware on the PGXL. However nothing has change when turning the PGXL amplifier on. Advised to test amplifier and report back next day.


Over the course of the last eight days, I have posted a follow up video, left multiply voice mails and emails in the Help Desk Ticket email chain with no reply. I do not see any email address listed for Flex employees on the site anywhere. (That I could find). I did a google search and did locate a email address post by the Flex employee in 2020 on Flex community, I did send email to that email address but no reply.

I subscribe to a Flex groups.io chain and observed a flex employee replying to person about Flex related question. I emailed that Flex employee asking if he could check and advise the status of my ticket or when I might hear back. I did receive an email back advising to please refrain from using his home email address and please contact him on his work email. His home email address is the one he was using to reply to users Flex related questions. HOWEVER NO WORK EMAIL ADDRESS WAS GIVEN. 

In summary it has been eight days since I last heard from Flex Radio Help Desk about my ticket. I did log into my helpdesk and the ticket is still open. Lack of communication is the problem here some possible solutions might be:

1, Send customer an email advising status.

2, Call customer advising status.

3, Advise what the next step is maybe send PGXL amplifier back to Flex Radio for service.

4, Send New working PGXL amplifier repair other amplifier and sell as preloved.

I have always been a big supporter of Flex Radio, I have submitted Help Desk Tickets in the past and the Flex service has been top notch. 

When you purchase a new PGXL amplifier I expect it pass the POST test on power up. The amplifier is getting worse takes up to 5 on/off before boots to standby.

*If you have read this far in the thread thank you. Does anyone have a working email address they can provide that Flex support will reply to?





  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
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    If you have something regarding business operations, please feel free to send them to [email protected] or [email protected]. That way your email will get to the right person. It really isn't something we talk about in a public forum.

    They will be happy to respond to you privately.

    The biz ops staff also does not monitor the community as part of their normal business day.


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