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Lost Spot Settings pane

Hi all.
I've recently installed a 43 inch monitor in place of three 22 inch screens. It's great but...
I wish to re position the spots on my SDR screen but the Spot Settings window does not appear. (Settings-Spots...) There is a white unpopulated window which appears along side the SDR icon in the task bar but it does nothing other than allow one to close it. I'm still getting spots via Logger32 and SliceMaster but can't alter their position.
Any thoughts?
Duncan G4ZOY


  • Chris DL5NAM
    Chris DL5NAM Member ✭✭✭

    check screen setting in System - maybe there more then one screen in settings ( your old 2. and 2.)

    73 Chris DL5NAM

  • Duncan G4ZOY
    Duncan G4ZOY Member ✭✭
    Thanks Chis.
    Checked system only one monitor with all the correct settings found.
    73. Duncan
  • Chris DL5NAM
    Chris DL5NAM Member ✭✭✭

    maybe you have to reduce resolution for test your config.

    Have an 49" and 34" in use - but cant use with SSDR window not on max. size of 49" - all others app i can have to fullsize


  • KD0RC
    KD0RC Member, Super Elmer Moderator

    Hi Duncan, If you right click the white window and select Move, does it let you move it into view?

  • Duncan G4ZOY
    Duncan G4ZOY Member ✭✭
    Thanks for comments Chris. I've tried various resolutions and screen sizes to no avail. Running SDR at one third screen height and half width.
    Len... Right clicking on the white pane beside the SDR Icon in the task bar offers :- Restore, Move, Size, Minimise, Maximise and Close. All of which are Greyed out except Close Alt + F4 which closes the white pane. Left click on the Move option creates a four headed arrow
    cross which scrolls across the screen but only returns to a cursor arrow when clicked.
    I suspect the Spot Setting window is opening somewhere out of range of the monitor.

    Thanks for input guys.

  • John KB4DU
    John KB4DU Member ✭✭✭✭

    One other thing to try is a factory reset (white light power button). This usually fixes the strange anomalies my 6400 sometimes displays.

  • Duncan G4ZOY
    Duncan G4ZOY Member ✭✭
    Thanks John.
    Factory re-set didn't fix it.
    On reflection I recall a message flashed up the first time I used the new monitor. Something to the effect that a drawing error had occurred, but not noticing anything untoward I ignored it.
    Perhaps that is the root of my problems.

    73, Duncan.
  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    I've opened a support ticket for this

  • Duncan G4ZOY
    Duncan G4ZOY Member ✭✭
    Thanks to Ken Wells of Flex Support for the quick response and solution to this problem. Once again the Flex team came through.
    The solution was in the link which Ken provided. (See below). "Shift + Right Click" on unpopulated window beside SDR on Task Bar. Click "Move" and use "Arrow Right" rather than using the mouse.
    Thanks to all for their suggestions. Hope this helps others in the same situation.

    73. Duncan
  • John K3MA
    John K3MA Member ✭✭

    Sorry I came across this thread just now and you already have a solution. I use three monitors when home and one or two monitors when I am away (often). This issue with program windows that open off screen happens on a regular basis with some applications, multiple monitors and various resolutions not just with SmartSDR.

    The sequence of key **** with "Arrow Right" rather than mouse works every time and it should be one of the bag of tricks items for anyone that uses multiple monitors and operates remote. Just like a IP switch to the home station to reset devices comes in handy when everything else fails this tip will one day be needed. Better to write it down now so it is easy to find when troubleshooting in the future.

    Another useful tip for multi-monitor/various resolutions is to utilize a small utility to record and save the position of your icon on the desktop. If you have many icon on your desktop and have them organized in different blocks or location according to how you use them you will find the sometimes, not often Windows screws thing up and your icon get place back in a default position. When that happens you left searching for the launch icon you want and then moving them back to your preferred location on the Desktop. A small utility like the ones in the link below come in very useful when this happens.

    Probably not much new here for those that have been operating with several monitors and remote for sometime but I though it might help newer members.

    Here is a picture of the home operating position for those interested. Gear is located in a climate controlled location in the basement. Center monitor is 55in. Monitors on each side are 23in. I also have four separate desktops setup with Windows Task View so that with a key **** I can move from the Station screen displays to my Person Home screen displays to check email or other none ham software. If you have never used Task View you should search for details and give it a try

    John K3MA

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