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Qsorder and SO2R setup for SSB?

Andy - KU7T
Andy - KU7T Member ✭✭


I am trying to setup qsorder. For SO1R, I know how to do that but SO2R adds complexity. I would like to record DAX1+TX DAX for slice A and DAX2+TX DAX for slice B.

Do I have to run 2 instances of qsorder?

Can I create 2 Virtual Audio Channel and each using TX DAX as an input?

I am trying to use Voicemeeter...

73 and thanks

Andy, KU7T



  • AA0Z
    AA0Z Member ✭✭

    Andy, I have run QSOrder in the past. It's a very useful program, but have had issues with it when upgrading so I've had to run an older version of it. I had issues with the MS C++ redistribute and the program not "finding the correct libraries". When it does it's job, it's very cool (when I remember to start it...).

    I don't use Voicemeeter, as that might complicate some stuff, but I will share my configs with you to hopefully point you in the right direction. I'm assuming (the limited info I know about Voicemeeter), you want to push all your DAX channels into Voicemeeter and then record 1 output into QSOrder? That's how I would probably set it up the first time around.

    For my setup, I run three separate instances of QSOrder on my computer. I copy the executable into three different directories within N1MM so they can all run simultaneously. I created three different notepad files and re-named them DAX1.bat, DAX2.bat, and MIC.bat. I saved the .bat files on my desktop.

    Instance 1 records DAX1

    Instance 2 records DAX2

    Instance 3 records my Mic Input. This is kinda un necessary, but I like line up the audio flies and my voice when creating YouTube videos so I have what my TX is.

    Below is Instance 1 config where DAX1 is input #6 when I run qsorder.exe -q from the command prompt. All the rest is basically the same with changing the DAX sound card #, the radio # and the port.

    @echo off

    cd "c:\Users\AA0Z\Documents\N1MM Logger+\QsoRecording\DAX1"

    qsorder.exe -r 1 -C -i 6 -k Z -P 12061

    DAX 2 instance is configured like below;

    @echo off

    cd "c:\Users\AA0Z\Documents\N1MM Logger+\QsoRecording\DAX2"

    qsorder.exe -r 2 -C -i 3 -k Z -P 12062

    Let me go through the switches.

    -r 1 = only listen to radio 1. In my N1MM config -> Hardware tab where you setup your CAT control, I set slice A (COM X) to Radio Nr 1. Slice B (COM Y) is set to Radio Nr 2. Before setting this, if I complete a QSO on Slice A, the program would record both DAX1 and DAX2 and save a file for each, so that's where the Radio Nr in N1MM comes into play. After operating I would have to go through my directory and remove the duplicate recordings with nothing on it.

    -C = to record an hour long file of each DAX and save it accordingly. This is a totally separate file. I use this as a backup file if the individual QSO's do not record correctly.

    -k Z = hot key is set to Z to instantly record (I've never used this)

    -P 12061 = listen to UDP port 12061 from my computer as that's the prompt when to record. Under my Config -> Broadcast Data, I have this configured in the Contacts (with the box checked) I'm assuming you don't need this and could just listen to 12060. I probably made this more complicated than it needs to be.

    I would assume if you got Voicemeeter to work and mixed these all down to a single output, you wouldn't need to mess with the Radio Nr. Maybe that is fixed in newer versions of QSOrder? Not sure.

    I don't know if any of this helps you, but wanted to document it here for future reference and anybody else who was having trouble with QSOrder.

  • AA0Z
    AA0Z Member ✭✭

    If you want to contact me off list, I'm interested in what you are trying to accomplish with Voicemeeter, so maybe we could find a solution. I'm good on QRZ.com.

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