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DB15 to DB9 connector, where did it go?

Hello Everyone,

I am making my connections to my ACOM 2000A and my 6400M and noticed the FTDI connector is gone from the Acc page. Any idea why and any idea where I can get one? Or is there a better way to make the connection?


  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    DX Engineering. If you get it to work let me know.



  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    I am assuming you are trying to get the amp to follow your freq.



  • Brian  K0BUSBrian K0BUS Member ✭✭

    Yes I was told to get what Flex WAS selling but its not there now. I believe the connector was in accessories

  • Brian  K0BUSBrian K0BUS Member ✭✭

    So I was told to buy the FTDI connector that Flex sold and a DB15 to DB9 connector to the ACOM. However I needed to switch #2 and #3 wires of the DB9 connector to the ACOM.

  • I need the same cable, watching for the answer
  • I see you 😎
  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    I got a FTDI cable from Flex and the second cable needed from DX Engineering.

    I’ve tried every which way to make it work with no luck. I’ve switched pins 2 and 3 on the second cable from DX Engineering. Put a null modem cable in between and thru in some fairy dust on the cable to no avail!

    Calls to DX Engineering have not been returned, was on hold for 15 mins and gave up and left a message. Maybe next week a call to Flex. Note it doesn’t work on a Kenwood 990s either.

    Beginning to suspect the Acom 2000a

    Have set baud rates ad infinitum


  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    Whoopi!!! I GOT IT WORKING!!

    Those that would like to know how, can E-mail me at [email protected] or call and leave a message.

    I tell you what cables you need and how to configure your Flex CAT and the Acom 2000A Amp CAT on the remote along with which bottoms need to be on.

    You'll know it's working when you hear the Acom 2000A servo's start to make noise moving around as you change Freq.

    NOTE: You really don't need it. The Acom 2000A will change Freq when you give it a Dit or an voice AHHH. It's just nice to have working.



    650 207 2772

  • KD0RCKD0RC Member ✭✭

    Hi Tom, any reason for not leaving the solution here? This forum is a really good repository. Going forward a year, someone with the issue will be able to find the answer here without chasing someone down for it.


    Len, KD0RC

  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    I will when I get time. Want to make sure I document it correctly.

    Always better to talk someone thru it.

  • Brian  K0BUSBrian K0BUS Member ✭✭

    Fantastic!!!!! My cables come in this Sunday.

  • Brian  K0BUSBrian K0BUS Member ✭✭

    Tom, Can you please give us a readers digest version for what you did?

  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    I purchased the Acom 2000a cable from DX Engineering for the Kenwood radio.

    Purchased a Serial to USB cable from Flex.

    Purchased a null modem cable, female to female from Jamco. I added a gender changer to cable. I should of gotten a male to female null modem cable but messed up so the gender changer fixed that. This setup eliminates moving wire on pins 2&3.

    So now you have a long cable that goes to the USB port on Flex to the the control head 15 pin of the Acom 2000a

    Then set the Acom CAT to Kenwood on the control head (setup) to 19200

    Go to Flex and create a CAT for 2000a setup for 19200.

    The far left button on the Acom control head is Freq or CAT Push CAT

    Your all set. Try changing bands from 80 to 40 meters You should hear the servo in the Acom switch. My PalStar Auto plays nicely.

    This is a no solder solution. No pins to switch or solder.

    I don’t know how to attach photos to this message. I have saved pictures of what the CAT setting looking like for both Acom and Flex.



  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    You must be in “Operate” on the Acom 2000a control Head

  • Brian  K0BUSBrian K0BUS Member ✭✭

    Thanks Tom.....last night I came to the conclusion which is the same as you typed. Only thing different was I purchased a FTDI USB to DB9 cable for the Flex side. Apparently I didn't need that according to your post. Now my DXE cable will be here thur or fri.

    Thanks for your help,



  • NA7AA TomNA7AA Tom Member ✭✭

    Yes you do Brian.

    1.The cable from Flex, FTDI to USB plugs into the Flex radio USB port on the back of radio.

    2.The null modem (Jameco.com), plugs into the other end of the Flex (FTDI) cable.

    3.The gender changer plugs into the null modem cable. (male/male) gender changer. ( Jameco.com)

    4.The DX Engineering Kenwood to Acom 2000a cable plugs into the gender changer and then the other end of DX Engineering (Kenwood to Acom 2000a plugs into the Acom 2000a Control Head.

    If you still have something to plug in after that, you did something wrong, go back to 1. above, Hi Hi

    Tom NA7AA

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