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All Mac Contesting: SmartSDR Mac + Skookum Logger?

Before shelling out $150 I'd LOVE to know if this will work. K1GQ, author of Skookum does not have a Flex to test with and says that since he uses RS232 and does not think that the Flex can be read for band changes or provide radio control. I know that Flex uses the TS-2000 commands set and Skookum does support that as does RumlogNG which would also be acceptable. I'd guess that smartCAT assigning ports for the radio ought to be seen by Skookum or RumlogNG.

The real issues are that Parallels 15 roasts my battery, and the new version does not seem any better. Also, running Bootcamp/W10/N1MM+ is a mess because my brain has 15+ years of muscle memory with the Mac keyboard and shortcuts so using W10 is super slow and I'm constantly locking the screen, not getting cut/paste to work, taking screenshots that do nothing and this is the just the start of my gripe list.

I have two setups.
1. 2012 Mac Mini that can run bootcamp just fine but is short on processor for a good Parallels setup.
2. 2020 MBP 13" 4 port that can run any configuration just fine.

If seems like smartSDR/Mac, Skookum or RumlogNG **should** work!!

Mark K2QO


  • tparish
    tparish Member ✭✭

    Hi Mark, I have many of the same questions. I went ahead and purchased the SmartSDR Mac license and I'm liking it, a lot. It's runs so well on my Mid 2015 iMac (note I have 24GB ram).

    I have tried Parallels on my Mac laptop multiples times on various models. All of them have issues with Windows 10/SmartSDR running smoothly, consistently, and of course the battery drain issue. one thing I don't care for is the fan on the MacBook laptop running in turbo mode - it's loud and distracting and I know that's impacting the batter. So, I tend to use SmartSDR for Windows 10 my desktop.

    But that's the issue now. How to chart a path from WIndows 10 N1MM/SmartSDR to Mac SmartSDR and ???? what contesting logger.

    I'm willing to invest the time to learn a new logging tool but I don't want to have to hack code or add hardware (ie Winkeyer) to my setup to work.

    So I'm hoping this will the beginning of a conversation on this topic. Or, maybe I'll find out there is a simple solution already in place.

    How well does RumlogNG and Skookum integrate with SmartSDR for the Mac?

    Tom KB5RF


  • Tim - W4TME
    Tim - W4TME Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin

    @Mark Adams In this post, you asked a question where you wanted to get an answer, but the post was designated as a discussion topic. Please see the Message Board post Using New Q&A (Question & Answer) Feature for how to create a Question and Answer (Q&A) post. I went ahead and converted your post to a Q&A.

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams Member ✭✭
    [{"insert":"Thanks Tim. I was not sure where to post it. \n73, K2QO \n"}]