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What is the best setup for the PGXL utility?

W5AP Member
edited December 2019 in SmartSDR for Windows
What is the best setup for the PGXL utility? Flex is not a choice of radios, and wondering if anyone has found a baud rate that is better than 4800 radio-Kenwood? The user manual doesn't explain.


  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited September 2019
    Can you explain more?

    What type of radio are you trying to hook up?  What does your configuration look like?

    You do have to use the PGXL utility to select the CAT input you wish to use for each side of the Amp (A or B).

    As well, you will need a PC connected to a LAN and the PGXL on the same LAN to configure the PGXL.

    As for baud rates, any speed above 4800 should be fine.  The amount of data being moved is pretty small, so you will not have an issue with 4800 baud.  However, you can go as high as 115200 assuming the radio you are connected in Kenwood format can handle that speed.

  • NX6D Dave
    NX6D Dave Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Mike: I think his radio may be a Flex.  The utility program can be a bit confusing because it has two tabs for radio configuration.  The CAT/CI-V tab is used only when driving the amp with a non-Flex radio.  When using a Flex, the settings on this tab are ignored.

    The FlexRadio tab is used to set all of the configuration parameters for the PGXL when driven by a Flex radio.

  • W5AP
    W5AP Member
    edited September 2019
    Using a 6600M with the latest (2.1.8) PGXL Utility. And PGXL firmware 3.2.15
    Yes, the utility is set to the serial of the 6600M for both A and B
    Thanks for confirming any baud rate above 4800 is fine.  I set mine at Kenwood as I assumed (never stated in the manual) that is correct for a Flex, and 9600 8N1   Again, never stated in the manual as to what is appropriate.

    Tnx, Jim

  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin
    edited September 2019
    Hi Jim

    Ah, that is not the best way as we do not use CAT for FlexRadios.

    In the PGXL utility, look under FlexRadio and you will both Port A and B.

    Select your radio for both port A and B.  

    You will also want your PTT source set to LAN.

    You will need both the Radio and the PGXL LAN (ethernet) connected.

    This is how mine is configured and it works wonderfully.



  • W5AP
    W5AP Member
    edited September 2019
    Tnx Mike
    I have mine set exactly (diffferent serial no - of course) as yours, and all is OK

    I had problems with the utility not recognizing the amp - probably because the ip address changed.   After several amp resets and changing ethernet cables (not the problem i think) the amp showed up in the utility, and I could see that the ip address was different.  I had been messing around with static IP's and probably **** it up
    Now I will leave it to DHCP

    It would be helpful for others in the manual to note for Flex users to ignore the Network tab and the CAT/CI-V tab (accepting the Kenwood and baud rate) and just set up the FlexRadio tab as appropriate. I didn't know that the setttings in the CAT/CI-V tab were ignored when using a Flex (thanks Dave)
  • Richard
    Richard Member ✭✭
    edited September 2019
    Folks.....  In the past the people hae reported confusion with the Serial Number shown on the Utility.  There are two.  The "real" One and the Sreial Number used in Testing.   Mine was that way and I simple selected the line with the Serial Number and a 2nd number showed up that was my units number.  Ihave both my 6700 and PGXL connected to my LAN.  Otherwise the PGXL Utility was a simple process with my Flex 6700.

    Just a suggestion....

    Richard - N4RWG

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