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Repeater offsets not working with 70CM xverter port

Watts - K4QJZ
Watts - K4QJZ Member ✭✭
The repeater offset function is not working with the transverter port when working at 70CM. I have narrowed the failure to the Flex SmartSDR software 2.49 not the radio, as the iPad and iPhone software works fine with the hardware configuration noted below. As an example: local FM repeater on 442.725 with a + shift (5MHz). If you set these parameters in the software, no shift takes place in transmit. However if you also select “REV” which now changes the displayed frequency from the repeater output to the input frequency. One can transmit and have the repeater hear and relay the transmission. Thus verify the transmission parameters are correct. Simplex works as expected as well. Interesting note, the same configuration works fine with the transverter port when used at 2M (2meter amp, not actually a transverter). System configuration, Windows 7 (64bit), Flex 6700, Transverter 432-28HP (new). (IF out to Receive port B, TXIF to transverter port, UHF Antenna port to antenna (SWR 1.2-1.4 for 430-450MHZ), PTT RCA port the RCA port 3 on the Flex. I have not tried previous versions yet. Watts K4QJZ


  • Bagabonz
    Bagabonz Member
    This is an old thread but I'm having the same issue. I can receive fine on 442.750 with +5 offset but when I key up the repeater to transmit no offset occurs and no transmit happens on 447.750. Also, when I try to enter the PL code of 100 for DTCSS there are other letters and numbers in the dialog line.
    Using Flex 6500, SmartSDR for Mac, Q5 L432-28 transverter, common IF
  • Mike-VA3MW
    Mike-VA3MW Administrator, FlexRadio Employee, Community Manager, Super Elmer, Moderator admin

    Let's look at what happens under the covers here.

    When you are on 442.750, the radio is actually on 38.75Mhz (that is the IF frequency -- a 404Mhz difference). This is ok if you are using the transverter port, which I assume you are as the transverter port covers from 1.8Mhz to 54Mhz continuously at 10dbm power out.

    Now, when you transmit, the radio actually transmits 5Mhz higher. By using a 2nd slice on the radio, do you see a carrier at 43.750Mhz which is where the radio is actually transmitting? You will have to put the radio into Full Duplex (FDX).

    Also, make sure that your Transverter can handle the huge difference between 432Mhz and 447Mhz. That is a 15 MHz band spread. I asked Corey about it one day and he said it can be customized to do that, but you have to ask him when you order it.

    Screenshots of your Repeater settings are also very helpful in diagnosing what you are seeing.

    Let us know what you find out.


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