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Anything to consider if using a 6000 on a different (non-network) PC ?

On occasions I may want to use a different computer at home when using the Flex 6300 .  For various reasons this second PC will not be on a network.   Is this simply a case of adding SmartSDR to the second  PC and plugging in the Ethernet cable from the Flex?  Or, will the Flex have some settings from PC number 1 that it expects to see when Smartsdr is launched ?
Andy K3UK 

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    I switch between MacOSX (DogPark SDR) and SmartSDR on occasion. It should maintain the settings that you had on the other machine, but you can always create different profiles.   (ie., when I use DogPark, then switch to SmartSDR the profile shows DogPark profile, just create a new one or change it). 

    As far as being on the network as long as they are on the same network it should be good. Just keep in mind you obviously couldn't upgrade if you have no internet access from that network, nor move files if it is air gapped from the other network you use.
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    Thanks. my other (2nd PC) is on a totally separate network 
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    Well, that was easy.  I was surprised that when I installed on second PC ... my "macros" in CWX were there from the install yesterday on PC1.  Some voodoo magic there from Flex.  VERY nice.   One thing I REALLY like.. I can know switch between various PCs .  I don't have to have a PC that is Firewire capable.  This solved my current issues with PC1 having problems with CW Skimmer and SDR-Bridge (Windows 10 I suspect).  My older laptop with Win7 is running SDR-Brdige , SmartSDR, and CW Skimmer without an CWS lag. 
  • Jay NationJay Nation Member
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    Do you understand that your CWX macros are being stored in your 6300, and not in the PC? 
    Your 6300 is a computer too. Think of SmartSDR as being a status display, and a controller for, the computer in the 6300. The actual work is being done in the 6300. With the Legacy models, much of the work took place on the PC.  That's why your macros followed you to the 2nd PC.


    73, Jay - NO5J

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    I do realize it but did NOT until I saw it.
  • RiaRia Member ✭✭
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    I have my work PC setup with SmartSDR and a bridged VPN to my home LAN. I keep a profile for it when I am remote.  I have to shutdown SmartSDR at home but DAX and CAT is all setup when I return home, just restart SmartSDR. I do keep DDUtil running at home for SteppIR autotracking and rotor control as it connects directly to the Flex and can run on any PC on the network. 

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