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DAX and Easypal

Easypal has the problem, that it detect a limited number of audio devices only. There was a workaraound by disabling all unwanted audio devices. So I disabled all DAX chanels except TX1 and RX1 and easypal worked ok.
New Smart SDR do not show the individual chanels in the Win7 device manager but one RX device and one TX device only. So I cannot disable the induvidual chanels. And easypal do not show any chanel I can use. Is there any other solution for this problem now?

Eric, VK4AES is sk, so the program cannot be modified ..

BTW: Why 8 chanals are created and the DAX panel show 8 chanals, when I can use 4 chanals only with my  6500?

73 and tnx for help
Guenter DK1RI


  • DH2ID
    DH2ID Member ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Günter, please post some screenshots of your EasyPAL and Windows
    soundcard settings. Which version of Windows 7 have you got? Have you
    connected any external soundcards?

    I posted here a while ago:

    EasyPal sees only standard applications!!!!
    Be aware that you have to reassign your PC soundcard as standard,
    or you will stop hearing anything from it.... Windows &/%§**** ....

    I have disabled all unused soundcards (DAX channels 5-8) for TX and
    RX and also the reseved ones (5-8).

    Sound card RX settings:


    Sound card TX settings:


    So you just have to set the standard right, what a windows
    nuisance again! I really pity all those programmers who have
    to work around this x%&?$... Some (mostly older programs just
    can't find soundcards, which are not set to standard 8-(

    EasyPal works now:


    Also look at this thread:


    DAX should be reworked anyway as there is no need for my 6500 to
    show 8 DAX channels and only 4 IQ channnels. Surely it can't be
    very difficult to write an intelligent DAX program, which can read
    the TRX make and decide whether to display 2-4-8 DAX channels?
    And when they are reworking it they can also change the DAX icon
    and make Smart CAT disappear into the taskbar....

    You could therefore try to assign DAX IN and OUT as standard soundcards.
    Let me please know if that works.

    BTW I found this little program:


    which shows all soundcards, even virtual ones and allows you to
    switch them on and off.

    To answer your other question: DAX always shows 8 channels, because
    there is only one DAX for all 6000's. Perhaps there will be an "intelligent" DAX
    in the future, which recognizes which Flex is in use and adapts it's channel
    number accordingly ;-)

    You can also mail me directly or get my phone numer this way, if you
    get my mail address from QRZ.COM, I would be glad to help you. I also
    notice that you live not too far away from here...


    Alex DH2ID
  • Guenter, DK1RI
    edited July 2015
    ok, sorry , I checked the wrong menu, solved

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