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SmartSDR API - Transmit object: sb_monitor property vs monitor property

IW7DMH, Enzo
IW7DMH, Enzo Member ✭✭
edited February 2017 in SmartSDR API

I am wondering which is the difference between the two properties I found in the transmit status response.
Actually I have the following issue: when my client starts, in the very first status message it gets the following transmit status message:

SA37CD239|transmit freq=14.03595 lo=50 hi=2800 tx_filter_changes_allowed=1 tx_rf_power_changes_allowed=1 rfpower=90 tunepower=10 am_carrier_level=86 vox_enable=0 vox_level=50 vox_delay=22 mic_level=34 mic_selection=MIC mic_boost=1 mic_bias=0 mic_acc=0 compander=1 compander_level=70 dax=0 pitch=500 speed=20 iambic=1 iambic_mode=1 cwl_enabled=0 swap_paddles=0 synccwx=1 break_in=1 break_in_delay=9 sidetone=1 monitor=0 mon_gain_cw=74 mon_gain_sb=72 mon_pan_cw=50 mon_pan_sb=50 tune=0 met_in_rx=0 hwalc_enabled=0 inhibit=0 speech_processor_enable=1 speech_processor_level=0 show_tx_in_waterfall=1 mon_available=1

As you can see there is only the monitor property but the sb_monitor property is missing, so I can't get the initial monitor button status. I had to switch to USB or any other phone mode to get the sb_monitor property and get the button status.
Below there is the second status message I receive when I switch to USB and here I can finally find the sb_monitor value.

S906A7230|transmit mic_level=34 mic_selection=MIC mic_boost=1 mic_bias=0 mic_acc=0 compander=1 compander_level=70 dax=0 sb_monitor=0 mon_gain_cw=74 mon_gain_sb=72 mon_pan_cw=50 mon_pan_sb=50 met_in_rx=0 show_tx_in_waterfall=1 mon_available=1

I am wondering if there is another way to get the sb_monitor property or if it is a missing property that should be in every transmit status message.

Thank you very much and 73'


  • Eric-KE5DTO
    Eric-KE5DTO Administrator, FlexRadio Employee admin
    edited February 2017
    Good find.  This is actually a bug in that status message.  Today it will always return monitor=0.  It really should refer to sb_monitor.  We will get this corrected in a future release.  Thanks for pointing this out.  (#2013)

    Side note: There are several different versions of the transmit status message depending on the context and not all of them are guaranteed to include the sb_monitor token.
  • IW7DMH, Enzo
    IW7DMH, Enzo Member ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Yes, I am aware of it, and my code take it into account.
    Thank you very much for your help and thank a lot for the more frequent SSDR releases.
    Today I verified that every bug I got in the previous version has been fixed with 1.4.11.

    You are a great team. :)

    73' Enzo

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