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Updated PowerSDR?



  • KY6LA_Howard
    KY6LA_Howard Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2015

    Glad to see you appreciate my energy..

    Now if only my XYL would say the same...

    Hi Hi..

    BTW... Used to own a 5000... My experiments showed that the PowerSDR NR and NB were by far the best in the industry at the time.. definitely better than every one of the Icoms (Pro3, 7800, 7700) .. did not test it against the K3 albeit I seem to recall that in one of our test contest shootouts PowerSDR did pretty well...

    if you find any obvious bugs in PowerSDR, then report them so that they can be fixed.

    If you are desirous of new features... PowerSDR is open source. 

    There are lots of people playing around with variants of it with many new features such as "Adaptive Pre-distortion"  But I don't expect that Flex will invest new money on further development of PowerSDR when that investment would only benefit the competition.. I wouldn't if I were them.

    Suggest you search the Internet and join the appropriate open source groups that are playing with PowerSDR...

  • Dan KG0AQ
    Dan KG0AQ Member ✭✭
    edited February 2015
    Wow, do we have different colored glasses. My old Icom 706MKIIG has a better ANF than my Flex 5000. IMHO  Both take out the offending signal, but the 706 does not distort the ssb audio. I have played with the PowerSDR ANF settings & buffers for 10 years. Can't get away from distorted ssb audio with ANF on. NR works fairly well. Love the NB's
    Has anyone turned in a bug report on the TNF/display issues?
  • Jay Nation
    Jay Nation Member ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    My 5000 will distort a small amount, when I have NR, BIN, and ANF all enabled at the same time, the distortion sounds like fast audio dropouts. Larger buffers usually smooth it out, or disabling NR, or BIN, smooth out ANF too. Also DPCs will affect things, as will too much junk open in Windows. This is when running PowerSDR on the PC I used previously with the Flex 5000. It's an AMD Phenom quad core w/ 4g of ram, Firewire is supplied from an LSI Agere chipset. When running PowerSDR from The new PC I built for the 6500 it doesn't distort or glitch at all. the i7-4790K w/16g of ram is more than likely the reason it cleans up so well. I've never had the chance to play with a 706MKIIG so nothing so I can't compare the two. PowerSDR needs alot more PC horsepower than SmartSDR, So your PC might run SmartSDR trouble free. Anything you can do to optimize Windows on your PC might help. I've also got an older AMD Athlon II 3400BE dual core w/4g of ram and a TI firewire chipset  that runs PowerSDR with occasional audio glitches heard but still only when I try to run to much at once on it with NR, BIN, and ANF all on at the same time. Nobody like hearing that it might be the PC, so I'm sure your not smiling at these suggestions, And have probably already tried every trick in the book. setting buffers to 2048 might help but it really adds to the latency in the audio. But like I said more horsepower might clean it up. BTW My 5000 doesn't have RX2 in it yet. So I might not be dealing with the same glitches or distortion. I'm going to add RX2 soon, and hang on to the 5000 though. PowerSDR, is good at the moment, but the 6500 and SmartSDR out perform.  

    Jay - NO5J
  • KY6LA_Howard
    KY6LA_Howard Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2015
    I must admit that I never used ANF in my comparative tests with my Icoms...

    I like TNF so much better in my environment.

    I also always used the fastest possible computer (12 Core 16GB) with the largest possible memory when I was playing with PowerSDR... it needed it...

    But I also worked on cleaning up DPC's

    Bottom Line.. with the above combination.. the 5000 NR and NB were better than the Icoms.

    However... I kept the Icoms (IC-706IIG, 756Pro3, 7800, 7700) for a couple of years just to have backups and to continue to have benchmarks albeit I rarely if ever used them because I preferred the PowerSDR display vs blind radios...

    The dedicated radio Computer is still very much overkill for SSDR which uses a lot less compute power than SSDR.

    I finally dumped all my Icoms this spring (except for the IC-706 in one of my trucks) when SSDR V1.2 made it pretty obvious that I would never use them again.

    We used the 7800, K3 and KX3 at the NX6T contest station vs the 6700 Shootout during 2014 CQ SSB DX Contest this fall.

    None of the contesters in the test gave any of the Icoms high marks.  They could not handle the IMD from hundreds of stations on top of each other.... We quickly stopped using them and ended up with a shootout between a fully loaded K3 and a 6700...

    If you want to have a good laugh please read


  • Alan WA4SCA
    Alan WA4SCA Member ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    As a VU-5K user, the one missing feature I really need is the ability to operated FM data modes at 9600 baud and hopefully 19200 baud.  Something like the Digital FM feature for SmartSDR which is being developed.  Gerald himself promised that this would be addressed, but after some preliminary contact for testers, communications dried up.  Fingers crossed that the code in SmartSDR can be ported to PowerSDR for the next/final update.

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