WSJT-x has stopped showing band activity

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It is receiving, it seems,,but it has stopped showing activity? when on monitor. what settings can i check?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I've had that happen a number of times too, where it just stops decoding.  I usually fix it by closing the program and SmartSDR.  I don't think I had to power cycle the radio.  I can't remember.
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Could your time sync have gotten disabled?  I've seen mine stop working if for some reason my meinberg time sync doesn't run.
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time sync? were is that?
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Meinberg is software you download to help keep a windows machine in sync. Usually it is not that necessary but doesn't hurt. will tell you if your computer's time is OK. If you are off by much (say 1 or more seconds) then it is time to consider something like Meinberg.

But, Greg's suggestion might be the first thing to try. For some reason, wsjt-x and even jtdx just kind of loses track of the sound device. I've restarted the app and DAX and things usually start working again.

Back on the time sync... when things start working again you can check the column circled and make sure that things are pretty close to zero. 

As you can see from G6CHD's 3.2 sec difference you'd have to be pretty far out of sync before you stop decoding. I'm thinking restarts will help.

Kev K4VD 
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I have had it quit working because the Dax had stopped or was un selected, for example if you select a slice and it has gone from a dax 1 or 2 to may have to reselect the dax line you want to use.
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I still can't get it to decode,,I don't know what changed...
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That's been happening to me to. If you look at the waterfall when that happens you will see that the FT8 signals are all distorted (fattened). I've tried shutting down WSJT-X and SSDR but the only thing that fixes it is to power off and on the radio
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Restart DAX, that should fix it. There are known issues with DAX and a restart usually fixes it temporarily. 
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Dave W2OX said to check my computer for time, he said to check it with WWV. I decided to check time with my Flex GPS..that fixed the decoding problem.......