Why are Slave Slices important?

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I little background, I became a flexer since Monday the 19th of August 2013, Now before you beat me up! I owned Ten Tec Orion II and TS-2000X and IC-756PRO3 and IC-775DSP. I have searched and searched why would locking two slices together be important? I hope someone can enlighten me!

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Jim:

If you want to listen to the same signal on two different antennas, you will want the slices to be locked together on the same frequencies. For what is known as diversity reception.

For example, if you have a 160 Meter transmitting antenna, perhaps a tall vertical which transmits well, but is normally noisy on reception, and you also have a low-noise receiving-only antenna, like a Beverage, then you might want to listen on both simultaneously. The better signal is usually on the Beverage, but some of the time, the vertical will be better.

You can route the Beverage to your left ear and the vertical to your right ear, and let your brain combine them or pick the best one.

And yes, once all the basic radio functionality is delivered, and we have time to do some neat signal processing work, we can write some "optimal combining" software that will coherently combine the two incoming signals for you.

--- Graham / KE9H

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Also, with DSP and what was done on the 2 RX Flex-5000, when the 2 receivers are synchronized they are also locked in phase. The F5K has a control where you can adjust the amplitude and phase between the 2 recievers / antennas to potentially null noise or enhance signals.

So, people are asking to have similar capabilities with the F6K. To have 2 antennas for diversity or phase adjustment requires the Flex-6700 with 2 SCU's. Each Slice RX would have to be on a separate Panadapter set to a different Antenna.
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Assuming a 6700, what determines which SCU you are using? If I open two slices what determines if the two slices are on separate SCU's or on the same SCU?

Don - kx9q
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My understanding is that you have to open a second Panadapter and select a different antenna there. The antenna switching logic hooks up the second SCU. Any Slice RXs created on a particular panadapter use the same antenna.

Any other panadapters hooked to the same antenna would use the same SCU.

There's no manual selection of SCUs, it's all switched automatically.