What ate my DAX Audio RX1?

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I am not sure if I should post this to HRD or here, but I will start here.  For some reason in HRD, in DM780, under the program options sound card, input receive listing, I no longer see DAX Audio RX 1.  I see all the other DAX receive channels 2 thru 8, but not  number 1 .  Number 1 is there when I go to the Windows play back devices, and it says it is working properly.   I am running the latest everything and under Windows 10.   Not a big deal. I just moved all the connections up one but feel like it's a symptom that I am doing something wrong or missing something.  Thanks in advance.  
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Posted 2 years ago

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I had that same problem only it was the DAX TX.  It was in the Windows system list, but not in the WSJT-X program (Ithink)..  My solution was to go into windows list and deactivate all those high numbered RX and TX.  This seemed to make the list shorter for the pulldown in the Soundcard setup....  
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I have had a similar problem where WSJT-X won't work with DAX2. If I change the panadaptor and WSJT-X to use DAX3 instead, all is good so I tend to live with it. I would be interested to know if this is a common issue?
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I've got one PC which has no native sound devices (a Kangaroo PC). On more than one occasion, it has latched onto the DAX RX1 and / or the DAX TX and marked them for exclusive use by Windows, which appears to remove them from selection in 3rd party programs like HRD, FLDIGI, WSJT, etc.  I have to go in via the Windows audio control panel and remove them as the default sound device to fix the problem.
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This sounds just like a problem that manifested itself with MMTTY.  The third-party application does not allow for all of the enumerated sound devices to be selectable.  In the case of MMTTY, this was a shortcoming of the application and a program change was made to accommodate all of the sound devices.