Upgrade Procedure on the Flexradio Helpdesk Page ?

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Could a procedure for upgrading our Maestro's be put in the area of information in the Website Help desk area ( https://helpdesk.flexradio.com/hc/en-us/ ) ?  It already has some really good information.

I'm talking about the exact procedure so we as users don't create problems for ourselves and in turn Flex support. 

Upgrading is more complicated than upgrading the radio.  

Do we uninstall SSDR , do we reboot afterwards  etc ??

It could be linked to on updates saving a lot of posts like this one.

Something similar to Ernest W4EG post in the Upgrade area of forums. ( https://community.flexradio.com/flexradio/topics/important-smartsdr-v1-8-4-info-for-maestro-users-up...  ) 

Similar as posted below.

Upgrading - SmartSDR v#.#.# and Maestro

July 2016


This is how I upgraded to the new SmartSDR v#. #. #



Upgrade the Maestro to v#. #. #; and it will automatically upgrade the F-6x00 firmware to the same version.

Remember that there are 3 different things that need to be upgraded. "KY6LA"

1.  Maestro Internal Firmware

2.  The Flex-6x00 Internal Firmware

3. You need to downloaded from Flex SmartSDR for Windows

 1&2 are automatically updated when you update 1.

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I commented on this yesterday.  I'll repost her for clarity.

We engineered the software upgrade processes in such a manner that a defined procedure is not necessary.

It really makes no difference if the PC or Maestro is upgraded first nor does it matter which one does the radio firmware upgrade.  SmartSDR is designed to take all the guesswork out of making certain that the client (SmartSDR for Windows or Maestro) software is in sync with the radio firmware and will perform an up or downgrade of the radio firmware if necessary depending on the version of client software is used.

What is important is that your Mastro is on a reliable network and power source.  The most reliable configuration is a wired Ethernet connection using the AC power adapter.