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Like many I am using Teamviewer to access the computer at my remote site. I have had issues using the Teamviewer app on my iPad mainly because I have used the iPad (not the app) from my office. The first time I got the "commercial use" block it took months to resolve. I got blocked again last week and filled out the form on the Teamviewer website. I was heartened to see they indicated on the form they would respond within 7 days.

Sure enough, today I received the attached email. So, it appears they are being more responsive than in the past. I would gladly pay a reasonable license fee for personal use to avoid this, but the plans they offer at present are expensive.




Dear TeamViewer User,
Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”.
Why was my access to TeamViewer limited?
You were asked to purchase a TeamViewer license because your usage pattern suggested that you were using TeamViewer in a commercial environment. To be able to keep a free version of TeamViewer, we must make sure that commercial users purchase a license. Unfortunately, it can happen that we detect commercial use where this is not the case.
We would like to address the most important questions of the TeamViewer community regarding commercial / personal use.
1. “Is TeamViewer cancelling the free usage of its software?”
No. TeamViewer is free for personal use, and we are committed to this remaining so. Personal use means that you are not using TeamViewer for purposes that are either directly or indirectly paid. Commercial use includes providing support to colleagues and clients, working remotely via TeamViewer, monitoring company hardware, etc. Read more about commercial use. 
2. “I believe blocking personal users from using TeamViewer for free is unethical.”
We believe that providing and receiving help should not be a privilege for those who pay. Therefore we offer a free version of TeamViewer with many features. Implementing a mechanism to detect commercial use is part of our commitment to this idea. We do not target personal users but unfortunately, in some cases, personal users can be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and promise to continue to refine this mechanism.
3. “What is the motive behind blocking free users?”
We have taken this step because commercial users should not be able to use our free version. This way, we ensure our ability to offer a free version of TeamViewer with great features, performance, and possibilities.
We would like to thank our users who use TeamViewer as intended and help us to provide a free version for our personal users. Our vision is to empower people to help people, and we will always act accordingly.
Kind regards,
Your TeamViewer Team

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Posted 1 year ago

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Michael Walker, Employee

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I feel your pain... :)

3 years ago, I called them and I wanted to pay something reasonable as a power personal user, like most of us.  They were not interested.  

They wanted $1300 US / version.  And, you are forced to update to the next version.   I even suggested $500 for a non-commerical power user.  They weren't interested.

Mike va3mw
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Yes, very odd as it would be a new revenue stream for them. I use my iPad all the time in commercial environments and carrying a 2nd one dedicated to Teamviewer is not an answer!

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An alternative to Teamviewer is to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop.  It is free, works on any computer with a browser, my iphone, ipad, etc.  The audio performance is pretty good.  Good enough that I have been able to make many remote cw contacts using it.  It is also very easy to install. FWIW.
Joel  N9LQ

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I use a product called Anydesk it works well and really free.
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yup switch to Anydesk and never again got problem ;-)
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I won't even say what TeamViewer wants for a corporate license. I applaud their free version for private usage.  For my work I use Rescue Lens and GoToAssist but it comes at a price too. 

There is an amazing number of free remote software packages available, with minimum searching required.

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Yes AnyDesk works well. I still find Teamviwer is superior.

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Hi Tim,
I am using RealVNC, it is free and it has never blocked me in three years. I use it to see my PC in Shack for all my programs and I use the RealVNC on PC in Shack to see my RF-KIT B26 amplifier. And thanks for your Flex banquet ticket last year.
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No problem Steven! I will give RealVNC a try.